Roon showing albums as CORRUPT

Hi @support

I have found some albums and their tracks that are showing as CORRUPT in Roon. I then re-analyze those albums in Roon and the CORRUPT text disappears.

Why is this?

And do I need to re-analyze my entire library? If so, what’s the quickest way to start the re-analysis of the entire library?

Hi @ben

Looks like I’m having the same issue as here: Ripping Albums in to Watched Folder Shows Some Tracks Corrupt [fix pending]

I’m not fussed about when an update comes but it’s still coming right? Or has the fix already been deployed?

I’m running 1.3 Build 209 64 bit on Windows 10

Cheers !

The criteria that Roon uses to determine if a file is corrupt or not has been refined over time (to make allowances for certain encoders that did not follow the specification 100% but the actual the file is still fine to play).

If you have re-analysed the files that were flagged as corrupt and now they are all clear … I’d say you are good and there’s nothing more to do.

However, if you wish to force a re-analyse this can be performed by:
Album Browser
Selecting all your albums
Click “edit”
Click Re-analysis albums

Note: this is a very high CPU and I/O operation, and may take many hours (if not days) to complete.

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Hi Carl, as per the link above, Ben mentioned he is aware of this issue and working on a fix (last month I think?)

The fix I was talking about there is already in stable Roon. That was a very clear regression caused by a clear bug and I could just fix it.

Unfortunately it turns out that there are still cases where it’s possible to get the same observed behavior of albums marked as corrupt because we tried to open them before they were ready. I have ideas of how I might fix those cases also, but testing them properly and making sure they actually work and don’t break anything else takes time.

The symptom of this will be a bunch of tracks in the list in settings -> library -> skipped files. If you are in this case, then I think the easiest way to get Roon to re-scan in a way that will pick up everything is to disable and then re-enable the watched folder containing the skipped files in settings -> storage -> 3 dots menu for that folder.

If you’re not in that case then I don’t know enough to guess at what’s actually going on, and I’ll leave you with our support people who are better at troubleshooting this sort of thing than me.

How are these files ending up in the folder? Can you give us the details of your setup (as described here), especially Core, storage, and network details.


Hi Mike @mike

This particular desktop setup is very easy to explain, compared to my music room setup.

Roon Server = Win 10 Surface Pro 4 > USB3.0 powered hub (USB power management turned OFF in Device Manager) > 4TB USB3.0 WD Passport Portable Drive

No network involved, just a direct connection from SP4 to USB drive.

Library size is 80,000 tracks

Surface Pro 4 is an i5 with 8gb Ram running Win 10 Pro 64 bit

I’m running 1.3 Build 209

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