Roon showing some of my hi-res as 16 bit and none will play?

I have a few Reference Recording hi-res originally recorded from disc plus some other hi-res recordings from HDTracks downloads that are showing as 16 bit instead of 24 bit, and none of them will play? Any clue how to get this corrected? I’m new to Roon and appreciate any input.

Hi Andrew,

You could try using something like dBpoweramp to re-code them e.g. FLAC --> FLAC.

What format are they in?

They are in ALAC.

AHi @Andrew_Steinman,

Just came across this old topic, and wondered if you’d managed to resolve it, if so what was the issue?

For many of the weird “16-bit” hi-res files with no sound, I found the original 24-bit file also, but not for all, especially not all of my Reference Recordings HRx albums, but I have those and can re-rip them. Thanks for your help.