Roon showing wrong album contents

I’m looking at Aretha’s 1980 album called “Aretha” through Roon via Tidal integration.
Roon shows the correct cover of this album but as well bunch of tracks that i believe are from another album called “Aretha” from 1986. Tidal shows the right cover associated with the right tracks.

how does one get this fixed?

Do you mean this release?

I think the release date is incorrect, that’s all. It’s certainly not the 1980 release of the same title:

Look at the 1980 release with the cover matching the above Wikipedia entry. What tracks do you see?

Okay, I understand. Yes, I agree, that it is the original 1986 release and review not the 1980 release of the same name…

I’ll ask the mods to move this to #support:metadata-issues.

Look at the review text. It says “Don’t be confused” and says this is the 1986 album yet you are confused and are complaining.

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Hi @andrew_campbell,

Thanks for the report! We are going to take a look into this.

Thanks Dylan!
Here’s the tidal link to the correct Aretha 1980 with the correct associated songs.

Wow first post and not even off my trial period and I get roon’s braintrust on board immediately…

Thanks again to Dylan for looking into this.

Hi @andrew_campbell,

We’ve identified and corrected the issue on our end. Please give this change about a week to reflect in your library. Once you’ve confirmed things look good please mark this post as the solution.

Thanks again for the report!