Roon shows 24/96 but McIntosh C52 indicates 48

I am using an OPPO 205 as a Roon endpoint. Both the optical and coaxial outputs feed the C52. Roon shows 24/96 or 24/192 but the McIntosh indicates a maximum of 48k as the input sample rate on either input.
The C52 can accept up to 192.
The audio settings for the 205 in Roon are on default.
The Core is an IMac Core i5 running MacosSierra v 10.13.6
The 205 and Roon are running the latest Firmware.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

Can you show us a screencap of your signal path, like this:

I attached it but not sure I did it correctly.


Nope – that did not work. You can use the upwards arrow icon above the reply/post box (7th from the left) for uploading images – or just drag and drop the image into the textbox where you enter the text.

Sorry did this get it?

Here is another screen shot. The McIntosh shows this coming in as 44.1kHz with either optical or coaxial input.

Roon is not responsible for the sample rate conversion to 44.1/48 kHz. Your screenshots clearly show that.


The Oppo Audio Distribution bit might be responsible. That’s the signal processing and multichannel part so maybe go look how that is configured.

Hello @William_Parry,

Check the Settings > Audio Output Setup screen on the Oppo. In that menu, you should see an option called “S/PDIF Output”. You should be able to set the maximum sample rate to 96/192 kHz LPCM here. Let me know if this works for you!


Good afternoon- Thank you -

where would I locate the settings for the signal processing? Is that in Roon or in my Mac?

Hi John -

I changed the audio output for S/PDIF to 192k LPCM. It did not change the output to the McIntosh.

I also checked the output (bypassing Roon) from my attached drive which contains High Res files. It is connected to the OPPO thru USB 3.0. With 24/96 and or 24/192 or DSD the output is a max of 48kHz either through the S/PDIF or HDMI ( to my surround processor). Or the McIntosh.

When I insert a Blu-ray the Oppo correctly outputs high res multichannel audio.

It would appear the problem is in the Oppo for two channel playback. I have changed all audio output settings in the Oppo and no change in the max output resolution.

If you have any other suggestions please let me know.

Thank you for your help.


Hi AJ- can you please explain? The source files are 96/24 or 192/24. The output from the Oppo is either 44.1 or 48. I am not sure what you mean.

As a related question - is the Oppo supposed to pass bit perfect files to the SPIDF outputs (when set to 192K?)

Thank you.

I would set roon to always pass through or convert to a single rate, say 96. Then set the Oppo spdif to match at 96 and see what happens.

I looked through the Roon setup options and did not see the settings you are referencing. Where are they located?

Thank you, Will

Correction - found the setting in Roon. Set to 96/24 and the same on the Oppo 205. Played a 96 kHz file - Oppo is still outputting 48.

Do you think the Oppo is defective?

One of you colleges mentioned the Audio Distribution that shows in the Signal Path. Is that a Mac setup item?

The only output that is enabled in Roon is the 205.

I’m just a user like you, trying to help. Nothing to do with roon.
It’s definitely not roon as the signal path you showed in screenshots is fine.
looks like a setting or something in the Oppo.

Hello @William_Parry,

I would attempt changing the setting using the Oppo MediaControl app instead of the on-screen settings. The screen on the app should look like this

I would also make sure that the Oppo firmware is up to date.


Maybe the oppo needs to be set to bitstream?