Roon shutdown issue

Hi @support,

I am using Roon to HQPlayer and for the past couple of days Roon has been shutting down.

I can play a couple of songs and then it just shuts down.

Any idea of why this is happening?

Hi James.

In order to begin to help answer that question, we would need to know more about your network, your setup and the media you are playing. Please review the FAQ on the information needed:

That being said, the first suggestion I have it to remove HQPlayer from the chain completely and just have Roon playing the output. Does it shutdown in that case?

I have Roon core installed on an Intel Skull Canyon NUC (i7-6770HQ), Room Bridge on upstairs computer, Topping DX7s and iFi Micro iDSD Black Label for DACs, Music is on a Western Digital HDD and Tidal.

I have been able to successfully use Roon —> HQPlayer, but lately, Roon shuts down after a few songs played.

I tried shutting down HQPlayer and just using Roon, but that shut down too.

Hello @James_Holland,

I’m a bit confused about your setup. When you are using HQPlayer, are you trying to stream to a DAC connected to your NUC or to the “upstairs computer”? Are you able to stream to the “System Output” zone on the NUC using Roon without Roon crashing?


My upstairs computer is running Roon Bridge. My NUC with Roon Core is connected to my DAC via USB and HDD is connected to NUC. I am running Roon, Tidal, and HQPlayer on the NUC. I am not able to stream to the NUC without Roon crashing.

Thank you for the response and my apologies for the delay on my side. I just got home from a business trip. I did try just Roon and I get the same issue after a random period of time. One thing came to mind though is that we recently bought a Sonos Playbar that is running at the same time I am trying to use Roon. Could bandwidth be the issue?

Hi James. Could you elaborate on this comment.

  1. Since the NUC is running RoonCore when you say you are streaming to it, I assume you mean you are playing Tidal out the USB to the DAC. What happens if you just play local files on the hard drive.

  2. On the NUC, do you have both RoonServer and Roon installed? Trying to understand how you have set things up. Because, if you have both installed then it is possible to have the client crash and not the server.

  3. Which then transitions to when you say crash, does it lock up, shut down, just stop playing, or something else?

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Hi Daniel,

  1. I have disabled Tidal and have tried to play local files on my hard drive and get the same result

  2. I have Roon 64-bit Control, Core, and Output on the NUC and Roon Bridge on my upstairs PC

  3. Roon shuts down after a random amount of time.

Based on the fact that I am using Roon Core on my NUC, which is attached to my hard drive, and I am using a Sonore microRendu/HQPlayer/Roon; what would you recommend as the best setup?