Roon shuts down after playing 1 song from library (ref#HEXOIY)

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Recently, the last month or so, Roon will only play apx. 1 song from my library, then the program shuts down. It has become unusable due to this.

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Roon Core Specifications

Windows 10 home, 8 GB RAM, music stored on a Seagate Backup Plus Drive, system is apx. 10 years old. Has always worked properly with Roon in the past.

Connected Audio Devices

Seagate Backup Plus via USB 3.0

Home Network Details

Connected via Ethernet

@Ben_Cholette, are you stating that Roon closes or crashes on your W10 Core, or that it just stops playing? What version of Roon are you using, and is your W10 Core the only device you use for Roon or do you have other Roon Remotes on PCs, phones, etc.?

Hi @Robert_F, Roon will close / crash on my PC W10 Core after playing 1 song or so. The song typically will end with a ‘popping’ sound, then Roon shuts down. When I reopen Roon, the same thing will happen on any different music file that I begin playing. I have Roon streaming to my LS50Wii’s and a bunch of Chromecasted Google speakers and the same outcome will occur. The whole system has worked fine with Roon in the past, I suspect there may have been a Roon software update that may have caused this…?

@Ben_Cholette, what version of Roon is running on your Core? Can you check when Roon opens and before you play any music? Roon’s version and build number can be found under Roon’s Settings → About menu.

Hi @Robert_F , my current version of Roon is 2.0, build 1311. I’m not certain as to when this version installed, but I’m assuming my problems started after that…

Hi @Ben_Cholette ,

Thanks for the report here. Can you please use these instructions to access your Roon log, upload them to the below link and then let us know once uploaded?

Also, you may want to perform a disk check on your hard drive, sudden crashes can sometimes be attributed to failing hardware.

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