Roon shutting off using Mac mini

Room will play about a song & a half before it shuts down. Sometimes can reopen. Sometimes not. Erased everything off Mac. Reins atlas OS & room, continues to close. Go to library & trash roon folder. Reinstall, same thing,
Put OS on external drive, same thing. Ran disk utility on all drives, same. Disconnected all external drives & use tidal only,
Same thing.
Have Mac as core, run to Bryston bdp1 & Yamaha receiver hdmi from the mac. Tried with only one or other, same thing.
Have downloaded & loaded numerous times.
help please!

Sounds like you have a hardware issue. Can you double check HDD and RAM for starters ?

Mac is wifi, external drives. At moment internal drive has nothing. Running OS on external drive, to se if that would help, same problem no matter which drive I use. Will shut down no matter which zone I’m using . Mac & roon all have latest updates

Internal drive on ma has 499gb free removes everything from that drive, reinstalled with same issue. Erased drive again & installed on external drive, does same thing. 16gb memory

@support may want to take a look at your logs.

Roon doesn’t shut machines down. It can stretch machines such that hardware issues are exposed or outdated drivers fall over.

Clearly something major is failing here and it is going to be specific to your setup.

Have uninstalled roon numerous times, including library folder, download program again, reinstall, same issue
Receive a very detailed report on program shut down.

Not shutting Mac down, roon quit unexpectedly , followed by problem report for room.
I have to restart Mac to get roon to stop “quoting” & can play for that glorious 4-5 minutes before it happens again

ahould be roon shutting off, using Mac Mini, sorry for confusion

Find a way to hardwire the Mac and disable the wireless and see what happens.

Tried Mac with wifi off, connected Ethernet, same issues. Roon quits & will not reopen until I restart Mac or trash roon & reinstall .

Hard wired, rebooted Mac, playing from tidal, didn’t last a minute. Quits with “roon quit unexpectedly” Apronlem report for Roon which is very long & very detailed

How old is the macmini and what version of OS X / Mac OS are you using?

Do other audio applications work? iTunes maybe with some free tracks/sample tracks?

FWIW I have had a similar problem with iMac, fully updated Roon, OS & clients. Mysteriously Roon Quits/crashes or whatever. Reloading overcomes the issue, without a reboot, this has happened 5-6 times in the last few days. Controlled from iPad Air 2 & iPhone 6s. Last occurrence seemed to be while using iPad to do other things with Roon running in the background.

@Robbie_bowen and @Paul_Lowman ---- Thank you for the feedback and my apologies for the troubles. If you are still experiencing this behavior we would definitely like to take a look at your logs.

The next time this crashing occurs can you please zip up your logs folder for me, and upload them to Dropbox (or similar)? You can just post the links in this thread.

The folders I need is:

The Logs folder from your Roon database folder, as described here

Alternatively, if you don’t have Dropbox, let me know and I will send you information about uploading the logs directly to us.


Hi Eric,

I may have got to the bottom of my “problem.” My iMac is set to sleep at around 01:00 & wake at 07:30, if I use WOL to wake the iMac I briefly get access to Roon then after a few moments remote access “errors” and is not able to reconnect. When I then check the iMac Roon is no longer running.

I’m not sure if this is expected behaviour or a bug?

Over to you, thanks in anticipation.


Hi @Paul_Lowman ----- Thank you for the follow up and sharing this information with me. In your troubleshooting of this issue, can you verify if you have tried (temporarily of course), disabling WOL on the iMac? Was the experience any different in regard to the remote’s functionality?


Hi @Eric

I am, initially, trying a night without “sleep-mode” to check if Roon is stable when the iMac is continually running. Roon has “Closed” unexpectedly during normal operation of the iMac though not as often. The controlling client was iPad Air 2 in all cases (all devices are running the current release).

I will try disabling WOL next, although I won’t be able to wake the iMac remotely then so, in theory I won’t be able to communicate with the core.



Hi @Paul_Lowman ---- Thank you for the follow up and sharing your observations with me. So despite leaving the iMac in an active state Roon crashed regardless, correct? Although it sounds less in frequency based on your feedback. If this behavior is reproducible I would definitely like to grab some logs from you.

Furthermore, how are you performing wake on LAN? I know some of our users have reported positive experiences using applications like Fling (more info here).


Hi Eric,

Yes Roon has closed unexpectedly while the iMac was active, probably twice!
As soon as I have some time I will restore sleep mode and try WOL again. I will keep you updated and send logs if appropriate.



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@Eric - sorry about the recent silence (holidays got in the way) :wink:

The current status, after reinstating sleep mode & using WOL is that currently Roon has been “behaving” perfectly.
I will continue to check for problems and report back if they reoccur.



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