Roon signal path

I just installed a Sonore opticalRendu and optical module in my system which is a Nucleus and a Mytek Brooklyn Dac+. Prior to the Sonore Optical setup I was using a Sonore microRendu. When using the microRendu i was able to get a lossless signal path so that my Mytek could utilize Tidal MQA. Now however my signal path via the opticalRrendu only shows high quality. I have photos of my signal path which shows the opticalRendu , (I have also include a photo from a Roon group that shows the Mytek as the signal path). How do I get my Mytek to be in the signal path?

Hello @David_Benson,

In the opticalRendu WebUI, change the volume type to “Hardware” volume.


John, Thanks I will try that.

John, that did it. What an easy fix. Thanks again!

John, follow-up question. I am curious as to why my signal path shows the opticalRendu, whereas two others who are also using the opticalRendu’s show their Mytek’s as the signal path?22

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