Roon "silent" updates

I’ve noticed a couple of times recently that an update appears to have run / been installed, but not a “mainstream” update. Perhaps a bug-fix, or something minor ?
If that’s not the case, then I think I’ve seen 2 cases of my software wanting to update itself.

For the sake of transparency, control, and to ensure that I’m not going mad (!) please could you update / increment the build number, or at least add a 0.1 to the build revision number.

Thanks !

Hi @rolski,

All of our updates are documented in the software release notes section of the forums here, and we always increment the build number when we release an update. It would be a massive headache to keep track of changes if we didn’t! You can of course always check the build number and that you’re running the latest version in Settings > About.

Hi there. Then, apologies, I must have been imagining things. I’ve been running r30 on my core & remote since the minute it was released, but I could swear that both my core & remote have “updated” themselves a couple of times since then. Perhaps I’m getting confused with the Tidal “leap-second” update (which incidentally should be v31, or ?) but don’t worry - it could genuinely be me just “seeing things” ! :beers:

Build 30 is the Tidal fix, build 29 is the ‘real’ last build.

Reading your post I guess you updated to build 30 yourself, but if there are multiple people using Roon, possibly on multiple remotes, Roon is very user friendly in its updates, simply asking ’ shall I update all’ and one click further it is done. Making it very easy for significant others \ kids and even friends to do it for you :smile: