Roon Single Path - Dragonfly USB vs Nucleus USB

As a relatively new Roon user I’m still getting familiar with the signal path screens.

In the first scenario, I’m using a Audoquest Dragonfly Cobalt, I believe it’s telling me that Roon is doing the initial MQA processing and the Dragonfly is completing it… however it seems there is an “enhanced” vs “lossless” step?

In the second scenario, I’m using a Focal Arche, I believe its telling me Roon is doing the initial MQA processing, and I do not think the Arche can do additional MQA processing but the signal is 96khz and show “lossless”

I am I right in thinking the Arche set-up is the preferred signal path bases on this info?
Sorry if this is a silly question for those in the know - I’m just learning.


Both signal paths are ok and you interpreted them correctly.
Sometimes, in Roon, the notion of “enhanced” can be slippery, but you will get used to it (they are not complicated rules and they have a logic).

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MQA rendering (second unfold) is for all intents applying upsampling plus digital filters, so this step is marked as enhanced. You’ll see the same when using certain DSP functions in Roon.

Both signal paths are correct and optimal for those devices.

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The Arche is not an MQA device so you get Roons first unfold of MQA only. With the Cobalt it’s an MQA renderer so it performs the full MQA decode in Roon and the final MQA rendering on the Cobalt. This is how MQA is designed. Roon don’t designate it as lossless as said above MQA by design applies additional filters and may upsample further which is very DAC dependant.

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