Roon skipping first track of a work

Sometimes, on the iPad, when I select a work and then Play, Roon pauses for a few seconds then starts playback at the second track of the work. I’m pretty sure that this is only happening since upgrading to 1.2. Has anybody else come across this?

Does the first track show at all in the footer, or does it go straight to the second ?

@andybob As it’s intermittent, I’ve not watched it that closely but will do so now.

Just tried tried playing a Bach cantata and the problem showed up - it just jumped to the second track without displaying the first track in the footer.

I did observe the same behaviour, but it doesnt show up all the time.
I have seen Roon skipping 3 or 4 tracks and starting with number 5 and all sorts of combinations.

Yes, it’s strange. I used Roon for most of yesterday without the problem showing up.

I think I saw this yesterday on a Tidal album, but I couldn’t replicate it. The album was Third Coast Percussion & Steve Reich. It may have been a slip of the finger.

I understand it’s intermittent, but when it occurs is it always the same work or album for you or is it spread across them ? Does it happen with both Tidal and local or just one ?

It seems to happen in clusters - Saturday evening it happened several times, but then not at all yesterday. I was getting a lot of ‘unable to connects’ on Saturday, but hardly any yesterday, so I didn’t know if it’s connected. I’ve only noticed on local albums so far, but will start to monitor it more closely to see if it only affects certain albums.

Did you have your music on a NAS or on a hard disc that is configured to spin down after awhile?
This would explain why it’s always the first track. System needs time to start everything and in the meantime in roon a timeout says “no reponse, go to next track”.
Try to deactivate all power saving settings and see if the problem persists.

My Music is on Nas. I think thats one cause of that error.
Still, Roon should wait till all harddisks on the Nas are ready for operation.
Other programs “wait” for the Nas, so its the first time I have seen that happening.

I checked in History for the works that were skipping tracks on Sunday, but all tracks were queued without problems today.

Up until now I’ve only had tracks skip when selecting a work. Just now though I selected 5 contiguous tracks on my iPad - by long pressing the first track and tapping the other tracks - and Roon skipped to the second track when I pressed play. I repeated the steps exactly and the tracks played correctly.

This is the first time this has happened for several days, so it is very intermittent.

Every once in a while when I add an album to a playlist in progress, the first song of the album will get skipped. Not repeatable…clearly an oddity.

I have the same problem, sometimes the first track of an album is skipped. When I press the back button twice it wil play the track still. The problem occures when I play albums with different formats, so when Roon must switch from flac 24-96 to 24-192, or 24-192 to 24-96 or from flac to dsf or dsf to flac, then the first track of the album is often skipped, I have to press the back button twice to still play that skipped track.

Hi, I believe there is update to Roon to help when switching formats, watch this space (it should not be long away).