Roon skipping through songs without playing

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Macbook Pro

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Netgear Orbi

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Sonore Ultrarendu connected via ethernet to Orbi router. Ultrarendu then connects via USB to Cambridge Audio Edge A Amplifier

Description Of Issue

My new amplifier arrived yesterday, a Cambridge Audio Edge A. In this system I use a Sonore Ultrarendu to stream from Roon (Macbook Pro is my Core) to the amplifier. I’ve never had an issue with this setup (previously I’ve used a Hegel H120 and a Peachtree Audio Nova 300 as the amps). After setting up the Cambridge and attempting to stream, Roon simply skipped through all the tracks. Says it’s playing them all, but only quickly shows the title, then moves on to the next, taking about 5-10 seconds to move through the entire album and then rests at “nothing playing.”

Here’s where it gets weirder. I plugged in my chromecast and connected it to the Edge A via optical to see if I had the same issue. It worked fine…for most albums. On a few albums, however, there is no sound. It says it’s playing, and the time bar is progressing, but no sound.

In both cases I checked the system output (Macbook speakers) and it plays through there. Since the Edge A is the only component I’ve changed, I’m wondering if there are compatibility issues with it and the Sonore, and potentially it and the Chromecast (which is weird since Cambridge’s streamers use Chromecast). I’m willing to purchase another streamer if necessary. But after spending all that money on the Edge A I’d rather not.

Any help is much appreciated! The Edge A is a beast and sounds great, but if I can’t properly stream to it, that’s an obvious deal-breaker.

Long shots I know, but I assume you have latest firmware in the Edge A and ultraRendu? On my old CA CXN there are two different USB settings - don’t know if that’s also true for the Edge A? Also have you tried powering down the ultraRendu and restarting it?

Thanks Rockhound. Ultrarendu is updated. Cambridge isn’t showing any firmware updates for the Edge A. Edge A only has one USB setting. I plugged my computer directly into it via USB and Roon recognized the Cambridge immediately and played flawlessly. By contrast, when I open the Ultrarendu settings when it’s plugged into the Cambridge, the system isn’t reading the Cambridge at all (doesn’t show up in the DAC dianostics). I have restarted and rebooted the Ultrarendu multiple times, to no avail. It appears the Edge A may simply be incompatible with the Ultrarendu.

Hmm. Can’t think why it should be incompatible, it’s just passing a signal via USB like your computer. Have you tried another USB cable? My ultraRendu just up and died one day, so it’s possibly faulty?

Potentially. I’ll plug it into another amp tonight and see if it works. I used the same USB cable I was using for the Ultrarendu to connect my computer, so doesn’t appear to be a problem there.

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