Roon skipping tracks (again)

Core Machine

  • Synology 920+
  • 2x 500GB NVME SSD drives for Write/Read cache running on the RoonCore Volume
  • 8GB RAM

Network Details

  • Fritzbox! 7580
  • DSL 50Mbps/6Mbps

Audio Devices

  • Raspberry Pi4 4GB running HiFiBerry OS with a HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro hat
  • 2x Sonos Play One
  • MacBook Air M1 16GB RAM (Caldigit Thunderbolt Audio Interface)

Description of Issue

As previously described in this thread, the playback of songs is skipping or terminating early in any of the Audio Devices above.

I cannot see a direct cause to the issue, based on the following observations:

  • Tracks are skipping in both TIDAL stream or local FLAC files.
  • Tracks are skipping in both Wireless and Wired (MacBook) devices.
  • RoonCore memory usage, despite being enormous, keeps steady at around 3GB.
  • RoonCore CPU usage also doesn’t spikes before/during skips.
  • Local FLAC have been through Audio Analysis already
  • It is not a matter of the NAS HDD I/O, I’m able to properly direct stream 4k h265 HDR files or speeds over 60MB/s
  • I’m running no DSPs
  • I don’t seem to have any noticeable effects enabling/disabling MQA endpoint Decoder.

Here is a gist with a console log of some of these events.


As I cannot post more than one link per thread (why?!?!), here is a link to the other thread I mention

i´m having the same issue with my cocktail audio device. Since 2 days Tidal tracks are skipping. I changed from WLAN to LAN. Only fine for 20 minutes. It´s the same behaviour as at the first release of 1.8.

There have been several other threads mentioning this, and the problem still persists here. Any update Roon Team?

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Hi, I counted about 42 (people) within the last 15 days! :cry:

Sorry, I forget to mention you should address it to someone from support with an @“Name”.
(dylan, noris, john, …) :wink:


@rebeka as requested, here is the new thread.

Hey @Arthur_Soares,

Your help with organizing the issues is very much appreciated - thank you for creating a thorough post on this. I have moved the thread into our technical team’s queue so they can share insights and possible next steps, especially if this issue might fall in the same category as other threads.


Just an update and a compilation on all the other threads of people experiencing similar problems:

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@Arthur_Soares - I see you tagged the issue that I have been struggling with in you post above. Your log files look nothing like what I was experiencing. I don’t think that the issue you are experiencing is related to what I have reported.

Thank you @Robem, it was also just a compilation of people experience issues with Playback. It is quite a critical issue to a software which its core functionality is to Play music. It is really frustrating. I’m resorting to VLC or Plex to play the same tracks and files – without any issues.

@Arthur_Soares I glanced at your log files and it looks to me like Roon isn’t getting the data fast enough. That’s where I would be looking if it were me troubleshooting your issue.

I can Direct stream 35Mbps+ video files from the same server without any issues. A FLAC file should go beyond 5Mbps (Usually 1411kbps). This is definitely not an issue with the hardware.

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@Arthur_Soares well the log files are reporting “sleeping in read this isn’t good”. This seems to indicate that the server isn’t getting the media fast enough from the source file location. Try searching for that term and look for what other people have done to resolve the issue.

Quick question, how is the NAS connected to the Fritzbox?

This indeed indicates that Roon server reads out the buffer faster than it is able to retrieve data and filling the buffer up. I have seen this problem rather frequently, but every time it was due to a problem with my Internet provider. In my case this of course only affects streamed Tidal content, not files local to the Roon server.

@andreas_philipp1 @robem once again, I have no issues accessing files from the NAS at a Highspeed. The NAS is connected to my Fritzbox via Gigabit Ethernet. I can easily stream 4k HDR h265 files that have bitrates of over 35Mbps without any buffer issues.

I can also easily stream the same FLAC files or TIDAL tracks without an issue using different players (VLC, Elmedia, Plex, PlexAmp, etc…) the only issue is with Roon.



@Andreas_Philipp1, @Arthur_Soares , @Robem ,

This is exactly the point. And there is also a statement from Roons COO Danny Dubai, that data exchange rates are not the issue.
Roon is creating beta version already… and Tidal is also involved.

Take a look at Titles (Tidal and library) stop playing and Roon jumps to the next title

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@Peter_Kuehnel let’s see what’s up next.

Hello @Arthur_Soares ,

Apologies for the delay! Our team’s queue is longer than typical at the moment, but we’re working to get back to everyone as quickly as we can.

We recently resolved an issue in this area with our recent Roon release, can you please confirm if the recent release also helped on your end or if you are still seeing this issue? Thanks!

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