Roon skipping tracks with microrendu

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i5 sonictransporter

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Netgear Orbi
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MicroRendu usb to Oppo Sonica Dac

Description Of Issue

Will be listening to Roon radio play a number of tracks fine and then as it try’s to play next track it just starts skipping every track until I clear the queue and restart sonica and receiver and then plays fine again till it does it again. This happens playing my own library tracks or tidal and Qobuz. When it happens I cannot play any tracks at all ( full length albums or Roon radio) until restarting sonica and receiver. This doesn’t happen with other endpoints like iPad or iPhone or Sonos, Squeezebox. Also had Oppo 205 connected to microrendu by usb and got same track skipping issue.

This all started with latest 1.7 update.

I have no issue with my i5 and the 1.7 update, I had all kinds of issues with skips and dropouts with Netgear Orbi until I was able to sort things out by adding a unmanaged switch between the Orbi and other devices. Since I have switched to fiber optic cable between the switch and within .75m of my Vivaldi Upsampler my set-up has been bullet proof. Not a glitch in months.

I have said it before, Netgear’s Orbi support was terrible but once I got it going it is working. Try adding a unmanaged switch between your Orbi (or Satellite) and the i5.

Hi @Len-ski,

If you connect the Sonica or 205 to the Core or a remote via USB instead of to the Rendu do they exhibit the same issue?

My i5 doesn’t have a way to connect to Roon ready 205 ( sonica not Roon ready therefore needs rendu) directly by usb.

I am currently playing Roon radio through the 205 with Ethernet connection to see if the issue appears. Doubt it will as there is no issue with other endpoints.

Been playing Roon radio about 2 hours now Ethernet to oppo 205 with no issues. Problem appears to be with microrendu. Also want to add that I use an Uptone LPS-1.2 power supply for the rendu.

Hi @Len-ski,

Thanks for the details here! Have you tried giving the Rendu a reboot since this behavior started occurring? Is there any change after doing so?

Yes, I’ve tried rebooting the rendu twice now and rebooting network after each time and the issue remains.

Hi @Len-ski,

Can you try the following:

  1. Remove the power cable from the Rendu and the DAC.
  2. Connect the power cable to the DAC and power it on.
  3. Connect the power cable to the Rendu.
  4. Go to Apps / DAC Diagnostics and confirm the DAC is present.
  5. Go to Settings / Roon Ready and press Save.
  6. Go to Roon / Settings / Audio and enable the Rendu.

So after completing the steps exactly as you asked I had to reboot my network as the first track I played skipped a few times and stopped halfway the track but after network reboot I have been playing Roon radio for over an hour and a half with no issues. Had never gotten past a half hour to an hour before. So far so good. I have written your solution down in case this happens again. Thank you for your help and will let you know if the issue reappears.

Hi @Len-ski,

I just wanted to check in and see if things are continuing to work for you as you mentioned previously. Please let us know if there are any changes!

Everything is fine, thank you !

That’s great news, @Len-ski! Feel free to reach out if you ever have any other questions or issues.

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Previous problem that I had last week has returned making Roon just about unusable. Cannot play any tracks more than about 15 minutes then it just stops and skips tracks until I clear the queue. Think it may be time to go back to playing cd’s, this isn’t worth the hassle.

Hi @Len-ski,

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Hi @Len-ski,

Apologies for the continued trouble here! Previously you mentioned that rebooting the router seemed to do the trick. Have you tried doing that again? Is there any change after doing so?

Since the network reboot worked last time I think that focusing in on the network is definitely the way to go here. Can you confirm how your Core and the microRendu are connected to the network?

Core and rendu are connected with Cat 7 Ethernet wire. Problem was not resolved by rebooting the network last time, was better after completing the steps you asked me to do. You had me unplug the rendu and Sonica dac which anytime I disconnect anything from the network and then connect again it messes up the network that’s why I had to reboot the network after doing what you asked. I don’t think it’s a network issue because I have an oppo 205 connected with Ethernet and there is no issue. There’s no issues with other endpoints including Sonos and squeezebox. It’s anything connected to the rendu by usb is the issue since 1.7 update. I tried connecting the oppo 205 usb to rendu and the issue appeared same as when rendu is connected to the sonica.