Roon skips Tidal MQA album

Keep running into this frustrating message, when trying to play Tidal MQA albums:
“This track is currently not available in Tidal”. Then it goes on saying. “Too many failures. Stopping Playback”.

Everything else plays, including hi-res from Qobuz.
I have disconnected and reconnected Tidal account several times, and restarted the app as well the system, several times, with no luck. PLEASE HELP!!!

Here is my system setup.

Roon Core running on Mac Mini 2018 model):
Running Big Sur 11.0.1 (this was the issue with Catalina, before I upgraded, as well. So don’t blame the OS)
3.2 Ghz 6-Core Intel Core i7, 64 GB 2667 Mhz DDR4 (+ 750 Gb hard drive still unused)
The signal goes through a Bluesound Node 2i (connected with ethernet cable), and then pushed to the amp (Marantz SR7013)

Looking forward to your resolution!

Kind regards

I’m not seeing any Network description in the information you provided. Can you describe your Network setup?

Hi Mike,
I am not using any local servers for music. All music is streamed through Tidal and Qobuz. The connections are hardwired with ethernet cables between the modem/router to the Mac Mini and further to the Node 2i. Node 2 is then connected to the Amp via coaxial cable.

This issue was not apparent before a couple of days ago, and I do not recall to have modified anything before it appeared suddenly