Roon Sliders Invisible or too Thin to be useful

For me, the most frustrating thing about Roon involves the sliders; i.e., those vertical bars that allow movement up and down a page. Roon sliders are much too thin. Half the time I select something else (e.g., a track) or I find myself in another application. Also, some of Roon pages don’t display sliders, which forces me to hunt for one. Please show sliders on all pages.

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Agree. I often struggle with using/finding sliders.

You know you can click and drag the entire page, right? Think about how a tablet works, same in Roon… on all platforms.

true. I find it a bit awkward on my PC (using mouse). Always feels “backwards” to me in navigating around. But feels natural to me on my ipad.

trackpad 2 finger scroll or mouse wheel?

on MacOS, they’ve pretty much completely eliminated the scrollbar as a thing… mostly due to unity with mobile.

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Neither, and that’s likely my problem. On my office desktop, I’m using a regular mouse and pointing/clicking/dragging in a manner consistent with how I would have used this in 1991, with no scroll wheel, etc. (i.e, old fashioned use of the mouse). (note, I have a scroll wheel, just never actually use it)

On the other hand, with my laptop and trackpad, I find it easier to use, closer to use of my ipad (which is the easiest). This is all less of a design issue with roon and more of a “i’m using the mouse like a 1990 computer user” issue.

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Yes, but there are times when you want to make a bigger move, like with albums sorted by date added or most played. Dragging pages is cumbersome when I need to go far.

When sorted by artist, we have the alphabet popup, but on my laptop (not iPad) there is also a scroll bar which is tiny.

Btw, two bugs that are previously reported but still there:

  1. In an alphabetic sort, when I drag with the scroll bar the system goes by two-letter combinations, but I used to get out-of-sequence letters. This seems mostly fixed now, but today I got SI - 3Q - ST (there is actually an artist called 3Quietmen, who perform on an album by Stefano Battaglia).
  2. When albums are sorted by something else, the little ABC up-arrow symbol is still there, but hitting it triggers an error message that you can’t jump by alphabet in a numeric or date sort. Better to remove the symbol.