Roon slow after update

I find roon 1.6 very slow overall i use mac mini as core quick fix i hope.
I find a reboot will fix for a while then seems to get clogged up again never had this issue with 1.5

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Hi @Mark_Mcelroy,

Can you give us some additional information about your current setup? What networking hardware are you using and how is your Core connected to the network? What are your networking speeds at usually?

Can you elaborate a bit more on where you’re experiencing this slowness? What aspects seem slower for you than it did in 1.5? How long are they taking compared to 1.5?

HI Dylan
Core Mac Mini connected via Ethernet 240Mbps after a reboot its nearly as fast a 1.5 but over a couple of days it gets slower could take searching & playback mostly at worst it could take 6/7 seconds to start playback… Ive generally never have a issue in roon Searching can be slow i get the roon logo while search is been completed 50/75 precent longer then 1.5 i know its the first version of 1.6 and I’m sure it will get better. I was only giving feedback not expecting you to get back. But as your there is it ok to go back to 1.5 tks

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Hi @Mark_Mcelroy,

Thank you for the additional information here. I’ve passed your report along to the team for investigation, I’ll be sure to update you once I receive their feedback.

In order to help with their investigation could you provide a couple of specific examples of search and playback slowness?

  • What are you searching for? How long does it take? Can you provide a couple of examples?
  • What are you playing? How long does it take to play? Is this local or streaming content?

Downgrading is not supported, as mentioned here by Mike:

Hi Dylan
Qobuz & Tidal stores slow to load lets say New releases in qobuz & tidal could take 9/10 seconds to load unless there in your catch the page will load but you have to wait till the artwork loads album at a time, in 1.5 it was nearly instant or 1/2 seconds As for play back sometimes it can play instant sometimes it could take 6-7 seconds to start playing none specific on resolution. Even going to overview Genres & Discover could take 6-7 seconds to load again 1.5 was near instant… All in All generally just slower.
Hope this helps you more…

Yes, Same here

I would also like to downgrade to 1.5.

Hi @Mark_Mcelroy,

Are you still experiencing slowness in Roon? The team has been investigating these reports and we are hoping to gather some more information about what your current performance is like.

Please see the following steps. After each step below (except the reboot) let us know how many seconds each action takes:

  1. Reboot your Core machine.
  2. Open Overview page.
  3. Open Discover page.
  4. Perform a search for “The Beatles”.
  5. Open “The Beatles” artist page.
  6. Open the “Help!” album page.
  7. Start playback of “Help!” (how long does it take before it plays?).
  8. Search for “Daft Punk”.
  9. Open the “Daft Punk” artist page.
  10. Open the “Random Access Memories” album page.
  11. Start playback of “Random Access Memories”.

I’ll pass the above information over to the technical team to aid in their investigation. Thanks!

Done everything as you asked Overview takes about 3 seconds to fully load Discover takes about a good 8-10 seconds Beatles search 3-4 seconds open Beatles page 1 second Beatles playback instant…Daft Punk search 1-2 seconds opening album 1-2 seconds Daft Punk play back about 2 seconds.
Playback is quicker search a bit quicker.
I do know this is a new release and thing will get better hope this helps you guys

Thanks, @Mark_Mcelroy!

I’m passing the above along to the team. One last thing — Can you confirm if your Core is running an SSD and the total number of tracks in your library?

Yes core is SSD Most of the liberty is made up off Tidal & Qobuz and have about 170 albums stored on SSD Mostly Hi Res and a few DSD

Thanks for confirming, @Mark_Mcelroy. Can you give the total number of tracks in your library including TIDAL and Qobuz as well? You can see the track totals on the Overview screen.

66579 in total

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Hi @Mark_Mcelroy,

In our last update we made a change addressing an issue that we identified to cause some slowness issues. This may not be the exact cause of the slowness you were seeing, but I wanted to check in and see how things are performing once everything is fully up to date.


HI Dylan a small inprovement overall 1.5 still quicker search is still very slow i but madonna in the search bar from the time i hit return to start till finish loading art work just short of 20 seconds long time Dire Straits till artwork loader 14 seconds Simon & Garfunkel 15 seconds till all artwork loaded… Improvement in overview & Discovery Hope this helps