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Hi, new to Roon myself (I help my uncle with his 700K+ track library) and his setup is very similar to yours. Late 2012 Mac mini with 16GB RAM (with boot SSD) and all the files on locally attached (spinning) USB-drives. Everything is working fine on startup and for some days, but Now - after 5 days or so he called me for help - because the system complains about “slow loading of files” and it stops playing etc. I also had >10GB of memory usage. I’m early on in my own trail-and-error. But it looks like a restart-of-the-app (with a 15-minute start time…) improves the situation. My early guess would also be som kind om memory-leak.

Hi Torbjorn,

I am not alone in this Universe. Very similar situation. Almost exact copy. My HDD are of mechanical type, not that of SSD.

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Thanks - and greetings from Sweden! Just a side note. When I try to access some music files in Finder (from the attached USB-drive) the respond snappy. I’t looks like it’s Roon that’s having a local problem - not the actual hardware/device or so. Stay safe, where ever you are!

Greetings from Korea (South). We get about 100 newly Covid19 infected daily out of 50Mil. population. So it is not too bad. I hear Sweden is doing OK. Be safe (if we know how to be).

I access mac desktop via remote control (VNC software). Finder access slows down as well via the remote desktop.

We are handling the situation as good as we can, here in Sweden. (I think S-Koreas SARS-lessons made your country to have the best response in the world…)

Roon-problems: On slight difference in our (yours vs my uncle) setup is that we use the lates OS X-version 10.15.4 and you are still on High-Sierra. But never the less, the problem looks to be in Roon Labs software. I turned off the “background normalisation process” but the slowness was still there.

Hi @Torbjorn_Eriksson,

I have split your post into it’s own thread because it’s best to discuss each user report individually.

Just to confirm here - only playback is affected by this issue? Browsing tracks/playlists/albums is not slow, and your uncle only sees this error when trying to start playback?

If you copy a few files over from the HDD to the boot SDD, do those files also have issues starting playback?

What audio endpoint is your uncle using? Have you checked multiple zone yet? I would try outputting to “System Output” as this is the most direct way to verify if the issue impacts multiple zones.

Thanks for your feedback Noris. Yes, at the time I could not do any deep-dive into the problem. But it was very telling (to me as a software guy…) that most of the songs was interupted from Roon, but if a played the same song from Finder (directly from the 3TB USB-hd) it played without problem, it felt like a Roon problem.

Then after the restart of Roon Core - it was snappy again. I didn’t look for other types of slowness/problems within Roon at the time. Audio Endpoint is “system out” on the computer. I.e a external powered speaker connected with the headphone out analog cable. Roon Core running on latest (10.15.4) on a 16GB late 2012 Mac mini. Boot-volume is a SSD (with Roon and database in there) All music (700K+ tracks) on total 4 different direct connected USB-harddrives and audio out direct via analogue headphone jack on the Mac.

The system have since then been running two days (without the problem) but I have asked my uncle to call me if/when it happens again so that I can document the problem further. My best guess is some kind of memory leak.

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Hi @Torbjorn_Eriksson,

Thanks for letting me know that the issue has subsided since the reboot!

If the issue re-occurs, please do let me know and we can take a closer look, thanks!

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