Roon Slow Response

Roon Core Machine

NUC 7i5BNH with 8GB RAM and 250GB SSD inside Akasa Newton S7 case.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

I live in a campus and my house is wired under a dedicated switch (in the house) controlled by a central router (which manages a cluster of houses). The LAN connection inside the house is rock solid, if not lightening fast (Ookla speedtest on my Mac gives about 700 Mbps download and 900 upload). All audio-related devices are connected to the wall, no wifi, not even going through the mesh router which is only used as an access point.

Connected Audio Devices

dCS Rossini Apex DAC (network connection)

Number of Tracks in Library

5000 albums as local files in 5TB portable HD connected directly to ROCK core by USB
5000 additional albums from the streaming (I have both Tidal and Qobuz)

Description of Issue

Each search or play click takes a few to ten seconds to respond, frequently if not always. When things get worse, rebooting the core helps a little but over time the problem gets worse. The problem has been getting better or worse over the different Roon software releases, so I suspect that there is room to improve from Roon’s end as well. For example, Build 988 was a major improvement for me, but it became horrendous again around Build 11xx (remember when there were issues of loading album images?). Now Build 1277 performs better but not as good as in Build 988.

For example, when I click Home and it instantly shows the first items, with the “New Release” section showing up in a few seconds. Other items like Genres, Artists, Albums, Tidal and Qobuz take a couple seconds to refresh the display. Tracks, however, takes over ten seconds of searching until the page shows up properly. Playlists and Tags respond nearly instantly. So it appears that the delay is related to searching of data either in my library or the servers.

With your help, I hope to diagnose the main cause of the slowdown in my system. Thanks.

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Is anyone using a VPN? When I connect to the VPN at work everything gets slowed down and connections lost when I normally have download speeds of 1,200mps+. The encryption going back and forth is the main cause from what I understand and depending on the distance to the server it can get really bad.

Nope. It would be silly to write such a detailed description while using VPN.

Sorry for sharing my experience.

Couple of seconds to display doesn’t sound too slow. Tracks takes longer as it’s, in my case as an example 15 times bigger ( 75k tracks Vs 5k albums.)
How many tracks in total do you have in the library?

Admittedly being a broken record here, but as someone who suffered Roon slowdowns that improved after restarting Roon (thereby proving “it’s not my network”) and seeing many other users post similar issues, I have concluded that there’s something Roon has never identified that slows down the software functions in some setups.

It’s a gremlin they can’t, or at least haven’t completely, resolved. There may be external variables (Roon’s constant pounding of the Internet) that prevent users from being able to use the scientific method to deduct the cause, and the same at user sites that prevent Roon from doing so.

I solved my gremlin by installing on Linux. There are still some times when it feels like Roon’s network is responding slowly, but by and large the problems I had before, consistently, have resolved.

I would encourage anyone who has Roon slow down or become unresponsive, which issues temporarily resolve by a restart of Roon, to try a Linux core. It just might solve your issue.

I have 125k tracks in my library. So it’s probably not bad. But the latency at the beginning of search/tracks is sometimes annoyingly slow. Thanks for your feedback.

So ironically my thinking is that Nucleus+ may solve the issue for me, as ROCK is further tailored with the hardware to work the best. I can possibly manage a dedicated Linux box, but the whole idea is to put the core machine in a storage room and forget about it. Considering the total investment I made to the system, I may pull the trigger to jump on a Nucleus+.

But before I do, I would like to try some detailed diagnosis with the Support team. Anyone there?

You only posted 6 hours ago and don’t have a failure just an annoyance, so probably expect a bit of a longer wait for a Roon response.
I’d say a nuc i5 with 125K tracks is pushing the boundaries, though my caveat is that I’ve been on here a long time and the performance they squeeze out has improved so I may be a bit out of date

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Hey @hgim82,

Thanks for writing in, and for your patience while our team navigates through each thread!

Following up on your issue, where are you currently trying use Roon? Are you moving around a lot? I’d love a more detailed breakdown of your current network setup.

If you have the chance, can you test out reproducing this issue on a different network? I realize this is a tedious ask.

I’ll be on standby for your reply. :+1:

@benjamin, thanks for getting back to me. At the moment, everything seems working ok. As I said above, over the years of using Roon, I came to believe that there is nothing wrong with my setup, but Roon has been up and down in terms of performance speed. There has been some noticeable speed-up in the latest few releases.

For the record, my experience has all been with the same home setting described above. My campus admin doesn’t allow port forwarding so I cannot use the ARC.

If anything, I suspect that sometimes the slowdown is related to the slow access to Qobuz or Tidal (I use both), but it is difficult to confirm.

Please tell your developers to keep in mind that the code efficiency is #1 priority in future upgrades.

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