Roon slow to find audio devices, then unable to play

Core Machine

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with Windows 10 Home, i5, 8Gb RAM

Network Details

Core is on wifi, connected via USB to DAC and via wifi to other google cast end points

Audio Devices

See above. The USB dac is Minidsp SHD

Library Size

16000 tracks

Description of Issue

It has all worked flawlessly until this morning. Then the Core has started to have issues finding my audio devices (they appear under settings/audio but I cannot connect to these). After many reboots and after waiting several minutes after Roon has started, the USB dac appeared. So I started to stream to it but all the songs I tried, from Tidal or Qobuz, would not start.

It appears that my Core has had a firmware update yesterday, not sure if that is the issue.

I would be pretty sure that is the reason, be a heck of a coincidence if not.
However the trick now would be working out just what part of the update affected you and Roon playing nicely.

Agreed. Any tips on how to do that?

Windows update too can cause issues… one other user had it change his network mode locking out other connections. check everything

I tried to uninstall Roon and reinstall it. It fixed it initially, but after I restored the backup that I had made prior to uninstalling it, the issue came back. Is there a way to restore only the library, but not all the settings?

Try renaming the raat folder

where is that?
I tried to install roon core on a different windows laptop and have the same issue.
Basically, roon will not allow me to pick a zone although that zone is available under settings.

I saw that this has ben a problem for any back in february. Was a solution event found?

@support #support please

A little self help for you … RAATServer is one to rename IIRC this is where the endpoints are stored.

Thanks but did not work. Roon creates a new RAATServer folder automatically and the issue does not go away

Then wait for support and prepare to zip up some logs perhaps as they will perhaps request.

H @Filippo_Dall_Osso,

Have you tried resetting your router? Please share the brand & model.

You say your Core is on wifi. Can you connect it directly (via ethernet) to your router? See if your endpoints appear more quickly, and then whether you can play to them.

We want to simplify your system and see if we can pinpoint where the problem is occurring. Can you see your system output? Try playing just to that.

If that works, try removing the DAC from your setup and play simply to your endpoints. Does that work any better? If so, then check to see if your DAC has a firmware update available.

Let me know how this goes - if you see any error messages, please take a screenshot and we’ll take another look.

Thank you Kirsten.
I do not think the issue is my router, let me explain why.
If I reinstall Roon and launch it WITHOUT restoring my previous back up, everything works to perfection.
Then I restore the backup, and roon becomes unable to connect to any of my audio zones, whether these are wireless or directly connect to the core via USB, or even the sytem output! See below:

There must be something wrong with some of the settings attached to that backup.
Is there a way to reinstate the library that was backup up without all the settings?

Well it seems I was wrong. I tried to connect the core to the router via LAN and all the end points magically appeared. Then I unplugged the LAN cable and went wifi, and all the end points were still there. It seems all good now. I have no idea why briefly connecting the LAN cable woke it up, it makes no sense to me.

Hi @Filippo_Dall_Osso, that is an unexpected fix! Let’s see how it goes.

If you start getting problems again, just let us know and we’ll poke a bit further.

Roon recommends not connecting a core via WiFi.

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