Roon Slow tonight. Anyone else?

Roons slowed to a snails pace tonight for searches and imgr sharing not working. My internets fine for speed as just checked other things and all good.

Any one ekse

… No, the response is good, no issues …

All good, am in the north of the UK.

All good here too, although Qobuz was a bit sluggish earlier today. Seems fine now though.

As per usual it improved a few minutes after posting. :man_facepalming:

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was earlier yes both search and the re-connecting to server on mobile device ie iPad… Had to restart the Roon app on a few devices to get it connected. very odd

Similar for me. Very slow searches. Internet is fine testing through

Similar here, search never completes and also Recommendations is completely missing from the overview page.

It’s horrible, I tried a search in Roon and it just hung forever, then I jumped to the Qobuz app and tried the same search and no luck, then tried Tidal, it worked great, so I’m thinking its a Qobuz issue.

I’ve just read a ‘Breaking News’ story by the NYT about a widespread disruption of Google services today, affecting in addition to Google’s own services clients of its cloud platform. Maybe it’s this what was felt by Roon users, too…

This would seem the likely cause.