Roon Slows Down Over Time, Core Server Reboot Temporarily Fixes Problem

This thread was started in December 2020, more than three months ago. The problem experienced by @Bryan_Nieman is common to many users, many have joined in to say ‘Me Too’, on this and on other threads. There has been no serious attempt by Roon to troubleshoot this problem and to provide advice or a solution on how to overcome it.

Support in general has been terrible, both back in December and even more so right now. Response times are unbearable, and with problems like this one, where things apparently aren’t clear-cut, where fault can’t be placed upon the user’s network or hardware, things are being ignored by Roon until the user decides to live with the problem. That’s what I do - I restart the Roon Server process as soon as I notice that response times go up. Months ago I myself and others have posted about steadily increasing memory allocation on the Roon Server process until a moment when the process must be restarted to keep the system responsive, and there never has been any intent by Roon to keep the ball rolling.

I do wish to voice my dissatisfaction with Roon’s state of affairs right now. The transition to 1.8 has added many bugs, small and not so small, to a growing list of problems. Support clearly isn’t up to the task of providing timely responses and resolution to the problems experienced by users. Many messages stay without response for days and weeks, and even then what we get are nicely worded intents to maintain the calm and patience, but rarely efficacious solutions.


Roon has had slow downs for years. There may be multiple reasons. It’s been especially bad lately. Like, pressing pause through an extension and the pause happens 5 minutes later!

Every day, just when I’m ready to crack a beer and listen to music, I have to restart Roon. C’mon can we please get this fixed?

So baffling… I’ve been running Roon on Ubuntu Server, 3 different servers, for years, never, ever an issue. Maybe my library is too small (~25k tracks) for the problem to show up.

1276 root 20 0 5345024 972508 113436 S 17.9 6.0 80:29.83 RoonAppliance

This is pretty much it for days/weeks on end, until I reboot the server for Ubuntu updates.

I don’t think it’s a library size issue. I think its a Roon on Windows issue. That is based on those who have identified the issue. There may be other resource issues with other operating systems, but whatever the issue is on Windows I think it’s worse.


My Roon Core runs on Apple hardware, an old mac mini i7 from late 2012, with Ubuntu Server 20.04.2 LTS as its OS.
This Core runs without any sign of memory leak or lack of resources, it just works as it is supposed to do.
The only time i need to restart is because of a software demand, meaning critical patches.
My library is modest in size, being 150G.

Updating to Roon 1.8 was swift and painless, just as the maintenance patches after that.

Meant to post this here…

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Omg. I thought I was the only one with this issue. I’m running Roon on a sonic transporter i9 and I’m constantly having lagging issues. The same as you guys speak of and like the videos from earlier in this thread. I do have a very large library but I notice it only runs smooth after I restart Roon server. Then its fine for awhile and then the lagging returns. I hope Roon has a fix for this soon. It’s a bummer to have several thousand dollars in a system and it takes over 25 seconds to play a song I select.
Following this thread and I also have the one I started with support. Sending positive vibes!

My specific issue has been proven not to be solely a Windows issue as since starting this thread I completely reformatted my PC and moved from Windows 7 x64 to Ubuntu Linux (Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS 64bit) in order to either fix or learn more about the issue and the slow down problems are as bad or worse in Linux.

Things appear to be getting worse for me. Yesterday I had 2 local files not complete playing. While I was going about my daily work the music just stopped and some time later the next song came on. This was on a wired Windows 10 PC running Roon Remote. Both occurrences happened within a couple hours of one another. Nothing appeared odd in the RoonServer log to my untrained eyes. Songs ending abruptly has happened to me before although in those cases it was Tidal streams, this new issue of local files stopping is much more alarming to me.

Thanks to others for joining this thread, it’s somewhat nice to know I’m not alone.

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An update for those following this thread, @noris reached out via private message and requested that I run Roon in “flag mode” with the flags of -noupdatemetadata and -noupdateimage to see if the issue reproduces. I’ve been running in that mode for nearly week now and I am still dealing with massive slow downs (for example, 30+ seconds to start playback on a local track via a hardwired Windows 10 endpoint). As always, a Roon Server reboot temporarily resolves the speed issue.

I did notice a pretty severe slow down after adding a good amount of new local media (FLAC on an internal SATA HDD) which supports the slow down may be related to database writes. The slow down was not isolated to the initial release matching with Roon’s server, it slowed down and stayed slow until I rebooted the server about a day later.

I’ve provided Roon Support with updated logs and I am waiting to hear back.

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Yep. It’s completely broken. I’d be willing to turn off any setting possible for seamless playback. I’d rather they just figure out why the program isn’t working. Really appreciate the feedback and keep us posted. I’m also awaiting feedback but it’s been a slow process. Hopefully that means they’re working on this issue!

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Hia, did you hear anything back about your problem?

I guess I’ll join in on the “Me too”.

I’ve been fighting with major slow-downs for many months, generally triggering when the RoonAppliance process uses more than 4.5GB of memory (not counting shared memory). It seems like the problem became more and more noticeable as I grew my library.

When roon starts getting the major slow-downs I notice it constantly updating metadata. Click in the UI and nothing happens until a bunch of the currently running metadata updates complete. Once it starts the playback everything is smooth for that one file, but as long as there is any sort of metadata thrash going on in the background Roon shows 5-60 second delays in any playback related action (pause, skip, shuttle, etc).

At some point I ended up setting up a docker-compose restart cron that fires off every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

0 11 * * 1,3,5 cd /home/docker/personal/appstack && /usr/local/bin/docker-compose restart roon > /dev/null 2>&1
0 15 * * 7 cd /home/docker/personal/appstack && /usr/local/bin/docker-compose restart roon > /dev/null 2>&1

I’d rather take 15 minutes of application restart downtime every other day than deal with the constant thrash and lag that letting the service run without regular restart generates.

This is Docker, so my host OS shouldn’t matter terribly. But, just for completeness sake, host OS is Ubuntu 18.04 running Kernel 5.4. docker-compose config as follows (ips masked):

version: '3.5'
        container_name: roon
        image: steefdebruijn/docker-roonserver
        restart: unless-stopped
            - TZ=America/Los_Angeles
                ipv4_address: x.x.x.9
        hostname: roon
            - /dev/snd
            - roon_app:/app
            - roon_data:/data
            - /media/music:/music:ro
            - /media/roon/backups:/backup
            - SERVICE_IGNORE=true
            - x.x.x.1
            name: roon_data
            name: roon_app
        driver: macvlan
            parent: vlan2
                - subnet: x.x.x.0/24

System resources are very much so not a problem. Got much more RAM than needed. Heck, roon could eat 64G and I wouldn’t notice as long as it was performant.

# free -h
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           125G         49G         70G        5.6M        5.7G         74G
Swap:          4.0G         32M        4.0G

The disk access speeds for where the DB lives are also not a problem. Database (and all roon files except music) live on a 512G Samsung 960 Pro NVMe SSD. 2+GB/s should be more than enough. Ignore the fragmentation, the majority of it here is caused by metadata from Roon and Plex, but shouldn’t impact overall performance of ZFS because of free space on pool as well as NVMe.

$ zpool list rpool
rpool   476G   246G   230G         -    58%    51%  1.00x  ONLINE  -

$ zfs list rpool/docker
rpool/docker   210G  90.3G   166G  /var/lib/docker

Music files live on a 25.2T ZFS RAID10 made of 4 WD WUH721414ALE6L4 connected to a 16-port LSI SAS2116 controller, with sequential read speeds in the 250-600MB/s range. The pool is only used for music and very low access data (deep storage).

$ zpool list stardom3
stardom3  25.2T  19.2T  6.09T         -     7%    75%  1.00x  ONLINE  -

$ zfs list stardom3/music
stardom3/music  10.3T  5.30T  10.3T  /media/music

Processing power also should not be a problem here. Running an 8-core (16 thread) Intel Xeon D-2146NT with a fifteen-minute load average of under 1.0 at most all times. The only thing roon does that requires more power than a single core can provide is up-sampling of music to DSD512, which I only tend to do for testing purposes.

Forgot a few details.

Database size:

# du -sh RoonServer/Database/
30G	RoonServer/Database/

Library size.

# du -csh /media/music/lossless/ /media/music/lossy/
6.7T	/media/music/lossless/
347G	/media/music/lossy/
7.1T	total

@Andreas_Philipp1 your summary is spot on, I hadn’t seen this before but feel a late response is still appropriate.

Roon Labs failed to support me as an annual subscriber, they were not willing to communicate or work with me to come up with an acceptable solution. They also even made a (very respectful and useful) thread that I had started (and you had contributed in) invisible to other users.

My reaction to this is to not renew my subscription although I check back here occasionally to see if the issues reported have been addressed. I have hope that I will be encouraged to renew but every time so far I see that there is still no progress and as of today I’m not sure there is anything the company could do to entice me back as a paying customer.

This support model is totally un scalable and does not work, you need to listen long and hard to your customers Roon Labs and make some drastic changes.

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I’m sorry to hear about your experience and your decision. Some time ago I nearly had reached the same point. The problem with the slow-down of Roon with increasing memory usage of course has not been addressed. If anything, in my case it has gotten worse with an ever increasing library size. I am now restarting Roon Server near every day, sometimes every other day. I think this problem is by now well known by Roon, and probably well understood, too. If, how our experience seems to indicate, it is a problem which gets noticeable and impactful only after the library scales above a certain minimum size, and taking into account that only a small number of users have really large libraries, Roon’s need to make economic use of the available resources simply pushes the problem down the prioritization queue. Realizing this, my decision for the moment is to live with it and use the only available workaround – restart Roon Server.

The unlisted thread you are referring to is this one, right?

After Moderators and even Roon staff having several times referenced the workaround described in this thread as ‘useful’, I find it surprising and disrespectful to unlist and hide it. I’ll keep my thinking about the reasons for that to myself. At least I haven’t experienced any more SIGSEGV events. This and other experiences here reinforce my decision to heavily limit my forum participation on all but the What Are We Listening threads.

All the best to you, check back from time to time.

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Yes @Andreas_Philipp1 that is the one, in reality what I was looking for was some dialogue in obtaining a stable system. My hope was that there would be some other OS that would fulfill these needs within a specification that I had (pretty much anything other than Windows). The answers to questions that I had asked numerous times were never given and the conversation avoided. That is part of the issue of having support solely in a public forum. And yes I feel disrespected by the staff at Roon Labs.

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My thinking about the perceived ‘memory leak’ and slowdown is that this is maybe more the result of an underperforming garbage collector of the Mono framework than an actual leak, or maybe there is a little of both. With an ever increasing object count in big databases and their ever increasing references to each other that maybe gets out of hands. And maybe there isn’t much that can be done short term about this. Maybe on Windows with the .NET garbage collector the performance is better.

I have lately noticed another annoying problem. After every track play, the Roon Core computes the profile stats (top albums, top performers, top genres, etc.). During this computation on the backend the user interface freezes. Interactions with buttons like ‘Play’ show no visual feedback, nor does reproduction of the following track start, until the computation is complete. Thing is, with a freshly restarted Core this may sum 1,5-2 seconds and I barely notice. But, as longer as I play without Core restart, this time ever increases to over 10-12 seconds and the play delay is annoyingly noticeable. It even shows while playing a Daily Mix (I don’t user other playlists, but assume it will show there, too). I haven’t opened a Support thread on this, as I suspect that this too will not have an easy solution. So, in the meantime, I simply restart near every morning my Roon Server, and sometimes mid-afternoon again.

I am in midst of the planning stage for a new home in a very rural environment where I will depend mainly on solar power and where I therefore have to plan for a new system with low power usage or, better, high efficiency and low standby power use. When I get ready with this I will re-evaluate if Roon with all its beauty for music discovery and cross-referencing is still the system I need and should use. Maybe it may be pruning my database, deleting all albums I rarely or never play. Maybe I find another solution.

Good luck to us all!


Roon believes there may be a problem with my SSD based on S.M.A.R.T. status I sent them on June 2, 2021.

I let them know I have another SSD I can install and they’ve advised me to do a fresh install of Ubuntu on the other SSD. I haven’t made the time to do the fresh install, but still plan to do so.

Here is an updated S.M.A.R.T. status from today:

Since June, the Roon Server crashes on a daily basis which, ironically, has made it so I don’t get the severe slow downs I had in the past. I am hoping the crashes are due to a failing SSD and all these problems will go away once I do the fresh install (fingers crossed).

Here is some information on the crashes:

Also worth mentioning, when I first reached out to support I had Tidal hooked into Roon in addition to my local library. For the past couple months I was running only my local library. Last week, I added Qobuz to Roon. The crashes have increased since adding Qobuz.

During my troubleshooting with Roon support we also played around with flags. They had me use these flags: -noupdatemetadata and -noupdateimage these definitely helped slow the progression of the slow down, but didn’t stop it. Note, if you do play around with flags they will disappear when Roon updates.

I will report back here once I get my fresh install done on my other SSD.

And great feedback/workaround @Dean_Bailey. I appreciate all the input!

Hi, i’ve got similar issues as yours and also Andreas_Philipp1.
Running this on a QNAP TS-473 (Quad Core AMD) with 32GB memory (will extend this to 64GB tomorrow, Roon DB on SSD)
I restart Roon every night, sometimes during the day if I add a lot of music (when Roon stops playing).
Roon uses 3.5GB of memory, which is fine, playing music is responsive, loading everything with-in 1.5s.

Roon response will get slower after adding music.
This manifests first by loading the song-progress bar after 30seconds when a track start to play.
During this 30seconds, the UI works, but search(result), artist view, or album view is unresponsive. This will load correctly after that period.
Changing to a track with another bitrate (from 44 to 48 or to a mp3) the track keeps loading, and after 30seconds again the progress bar is visible and the track finally starts to play.
I can extend this 30seconds to 60seconds to even more than 1.5 minute when I keep adding music to my library.
When I check the memory, it uses up to 4.5GB but never going over this.

This behavior was also there with version 1.7

For the Roon team: there are alot of similar (linux / memory) issues, there are enough examples how to get this problem to popup. I think it is time to resolve this.

Please get a Linux system, create a big library and fix this problem.


I’m not used to reading SMART results but what exactly is the bad reading in your results, given that the overall assessment is ‘Disk OK’?