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Hi Sir,
I bought a Intel NUC (NUC7PJYH-8-256-USB-F) with Ubuntu 21.10. So I want to install on it my Roon Core actually install on my Mac Book Pro.
My question is:
Wich kind Roon software I nedd to do this ?
I read documentation on Roon web site, and I understand that I must instal only ROCK on my NUC, uninstall the core from my Mac and i solve the problem, correct ?
Please can you give me other suggests about it ?
Thanks a lot

Francesco Barbieri

If the NUC is to be used solely for Roon Core, then I’d recommend installing Rock. Otherwise, Roon Server can be installed on Ubuntu 21.10. In both instances, you may import a backup from your MacBook to the NUC.

Furthermore, there’s no need to uninstall Roon on the MacBook; simply deregister the Core and use it as a Control device (you’ll have to do this when setting up the NUC.) It is worth noting that Roon Server (Linux) has no GUI.

Please note though, this is not a supported NUC and to be honest, i’'m not even sure this will work?
Does it support Legacy Boot?
Does ROCK hold it’s needed network drivers?
Do you need internal storage? This NUC supports only one internal SATA drive…

Yes, you’re correct, this model had legacy boot completely removed (unless it comes with BIOS version 0027.) Others have used this model with Roon, but using UEFI and Linux.

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