Roon software issues

I have big issues with roon after the latest update
Will not load pictures and Qobuz dose not work at all
USE Nucleus and Remote to IPad
TIDAL works but will not load any pictures
Anyone have some tip to fix this

If you just updated, make sure you are at 884.
After the install. reboot the Nucleus. It will take a bit to go out and grab the images, but it will populate.

I am unsure on the Quobuz issue, I believe there are directions elsewhere here on removing a folder and redoing the connection details.


I’m at 884 at the Nucleus and at 880 on iPad.

I have the same issues if I use the iPhone to.

I’m doing cable network from a English Electric ees8 switch Too Nucleus, USB from Nucleus to a Wadia 321 DAC.

I’m using the Nucleus as a streamer that I Remote with iPad.

I have been rebooting with the power of button back at the Nucleus rev B, I also rebooted Internet and wifi.

Do you have any local files? Are they showing your artwork?

Have you logged out of Tidal and Qobuz then rebooted the Nucleus. This should set a default login as empty. hopefully.

Then login to one service and try.
This link explains how to submit and process your log files. They may help you see what the issue is.
Accessing Logs (
I would suspect a network issue but would be guessing what without more information.
I’ll move this and tag @support for a hand.

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Thanks for the help, everything starts to work again, I don’t know why, but it have happened a couple of times, but I think maybe tomorrow I have the same problems again….

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