Roon Software Not Finding New Nucleus

Roon Core Machine

New Nucleus Today

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Connected Audio Devices

B&W Nautilus Speakers powered by Bryston 7B Monoblocks

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No data in New Nucleus

Description of Issue

Roon software not recognizing new Nucleus

Brand new at this and have little info

While we’re waiting for someone from the Support team to join, I have a question, have you successfully completed the “upgrade the firmware” step?

Can you see the Nucleus on your network? In your router or with a program like Fing on your Macbook?
Can you hook a monitor/TV (MDMI) up to the Nucleus to see what is it doing when it boots up?


Hey @user214 thanks for reaching out to us about the Nucleus - I’m sorry to hear it’s not connecting properly. Have you been able to give the suggestions above a try? How did that go?

Can you please share with us the networking gear that you are using? What is the make/model of the router? Is the Nucleus connected directly to the router via Ethernet?

Could you also please try restarting all devices, including the router, Core, and Macbook by powering them down, unplugging them for a few minutes, plugging them back in and turning them on? I’m also interested to know if you can find the Nucleus on the network after completing this.


Hi Ashley - Can you point me in the right direction. I am a new Nucleus owner but have not had any response to several emails I sent to Roon, Before my Nucleus I used Tidal for my hi-rez audio files. I have a Marantz preamp AV7702mkII and Bryston 7B mono amps and B&W Nautilus speakers. When I listened to music it was through Airplay. I was told if I bought a Nucleus and connected it to the Marantz by HDMI cable I would get the full hi-rez file playing through my B&W end point speakers. Now it appears that my Marantz and Bryston equipment is not Roon Ready and the best playback will still be at the Airplay quality level. So, it appears to me that having paid $1,458 for a Nucleus I am not getting any higher resolution playback than I did before the purchase. Am I correct and if so what is a fix for my situation. The dealer who sold me the Roon has been very unhelpful in responding. Any help you can provide understanding what is happening would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Stephen Hoff

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for sharing this with us, I’m so sorry that we haven’t responded yet to your ticket request in the other platform. I will be responding to your request over email, so please keep an eye out for my reply!

Thanks so much!

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