Roon software priorities

Great to see the Roon team pushing out another update. I especially like the changes to the interface to make one click/touch play a reality. Nice move.

I wonder, though, what the motivation is for the team to be investing time into support for very niche (aka. uber expensive) products such as Audeze. I mean, I’m sure the majority of users would like to see further refinements and options to the SRC of the DSP rather than support for obscure and, dare I say, very exclusive products.

Or am I being unfair? Is Audeze a big thing? Never heard of them till I read the Change Log for the latest software update.

I don’t own Audeze but I think this is unfair as the link to a prestige brand has to be a great thing for driving sales in both directions.
I see serious headphone users as the type of people who would love ROON and I would personally look very carefully at Audeze if I were to consider high end headphones.
Just my view, Chris

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Audeze are pretty big in Head-Fi, and Head-Fi is a lot bigger than it was 10 or 15 years ago. As @chrislayeruk mentioned, there is a huge opportunity for our user-bases to cross pollinate. In terms of “opportunity per unit of effort”, integrations like this are very efficient.

It helps that integrations like this do not use a lot of development resources, since Audeze does the R+D for the filters. Basically, we just built the user interface for selecting them.

And while Audeze is well known for their flagship models, their product line goes all the way down to the $300 range–so they are not so exclusive that no-one will be able to get their hands on them.


Thanks - appreciate both explanations. Guess I didn’t realise that Room/headphone users was a big thing. Perhaps I need to try some out for myself! :grinning:

BTW was also pleased to see the Convolution engine getting an uplift - REW is next on my to do list so great timing!

I listen to Roon exclusively with headphones and I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the Audeze presets. I also have Hifiman and Beyerdynamic phones (hint, hint…).

MrSpeakers . . . (hint, hint, . . . ) LOL

@jhwalker bug them to do something :slight_smile: manufacturers only listen to customers.

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Yep, big headphone user here (STAX, Sennheiser, Mr Speakers, Grado, JHAudio, HiFiman, etc, etc,).

I found ROON through Head-Fi… :grinning:


Not only is it bigger but the Heaf-Fi space in this hobby also seems to be one of the few areas that is working to appeal to multiple generations and actually markets to a larger audience versus dying by grasping to exclusivity and soaring prices (though that has been creeping in recently there as well).

Personally I have no idea who came up with this idea but a big kudos to both Roon and Audeze for seeing an opportunity to add a nice enhancement for their customers and doing it.