Roon + Sonata HD dac cable 2 = Hi-Res on Android?

Hello guys, Please help me to understand,

If i buy one of this:

…and i use Roon as player on my Android phone (Android 9 Pie), will it play hi-res files in bitperfect without limitations?
Or even in this case i will have to use UAPP player instead of Roon?


You will have to use UAPP. Roon on android is imo only for remote (and that’s a bloody shame)

Do you mean in terms of usability or because it cannot play hi-res in bitperfect?

Both. Unlike UAPP Roon doesn’t play bitperfect on Android.

Roon is currently limited to system audio on Android which by default only supports upto 48khz.

Thanks. 48khz with 16bit limit or 24?

16 I think