Roon song playback is frozen

Nucleus plus core ROON version1.7 build 610 -subscribed to TIDAL as well as having playlists in the iTunes library stored on a IMAC with catalina 10.15.6

when i open the roon app on my phone or iPad as a remote-it shows music sources to play as discover, recents, tags, playlists, genres, tidal, live radio–when i go to any of those i can see the roon system choose music to play but when i hit the play now tab nothing happens—usually when you hit any play icon it will shift from the sideways triangle I> to the II icon as music begins to play but that does not happen–

i can still see roon info for all of the new music and look at record / song information but when i try to play anything on the app nothing happens

Hello @clyde_rickard, and thanks for your report! My apologies for the delay in getting to you, are you seeing this when playing to any endpoint of just one? How about the system output of your iPad?

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