Roon/Sonos Volume Control Delay

My first post. Hello to everyone. Love Roon and the integration with Sonos is awesome!

I have Roon Core running on an iMac and typically control music output to my Sonos devices (grouped and ungrouped) via the Roon IOS app on an iPad.

Having a problem with a significant delay in volume control changes made in the IOS App (30 to 45 seconds from the time the volume change is made until the effect of the change is heard). Makes it tough to find the right volume level, particularly when multiple zones are grouped.

Any others experiencing this? Thanks!

Same issue here but not so drastic, my delay is with 5 to 10 seconds at the most, definitely not as responsive as the Sonos native app but it is a good start for me to consolidate all the controllers under a single platform.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, my volume control delay times do vary - but are often quite long. Makes zeroing in on that “perfect” volume for the current mood a bit tough. By the way, all my other IOS APP controls (music browsing, selection, start, stop, etc.) have almost no delay at all.