Roon & SoTM sms-200 Ultra Multichannel

Hi there all,

I want to run the Roon-Ready sms-200 Ultra Streamer as Roon Endpoint in a Multi-Channel Configuration. I get a “Failed to initialize the audio device” error. A few minutes after trying and loading the multi channel convolution filter from Audiolense 5.5 into Roon and aforementioned error, I get heavy ticking noises over the subs.

Roon Core on Audiostore Prestige 2
Streamer SoTM sms-200 Ultra as Roon Endpoint
RME ADI-2 Pro in Multichannel Configuration.
Convolution Filter with Audiolense 5.5

SotM informed me, that the sms200 is Roon Ready and supports USB-Multi-Channel operation.
Thanks for any advice!

Best Jin

Hi @Jin_Choi, did you ever get this resolved?

I would be interested to understand if procedural EQ & Mix routing worked to 8 channels? SOTM also informed me the Ultra is multi channel capable. But I would like to here from others using the device in this capacity.