Roon sound quality laptop

Sorry to sound a little dense hear but for maximum sound quality the main core has to be separated from the player.
I have all my music stored on my laptop with roon core downloaded to it going wireless to a pair of Dynaudio speakers with the hub connected via usb and using roon app on my iphone as remote.
Is this correct way to do this?.

There is no incorrect way to do things if it works. But your endpoints need to be Roon compliant, and you may get better performance by hard wiring your core to your network and perhaps the speakers too.

Speakers are wireless and just get plugged into the wall sockets.
The connect box which is connected via usb to the laptop acts as a soundcard and sends the signal to the speakers.The question is if it’s ok to have my library on the laptop or i should separate it from the core to something like a nas drive for maximum sound quality or if .it’s ok as it is.

separating the files by putting them on a NAS will not change the sound quality in your system. From what you describe about your setup, as long as it’s working I see no obvious value in changing. I’d leave it alone.

If you are inquisitive you could try and connect a RaspberryPi to your network and one of it’s USB-ports to the Dynaudio hub.
(The raspberry needs to have an operating system and Roon Bridge installed)
I’m not saying it will sound loads better, perhaps even worse to your ears.
Me, i personally prefer to separate Server from Bridge as i like the audio of the latter method better.

I prefer to separate server from bridge as well for various reasons (mostly so my server can be in a room far away from my listening room). To be clear, I interpreted at least one question being asked by the OP as whether separating the file storage from the server machine (by putting files on a NAS) would improve sound quality. That’s the question I said no to (no improvement).

Absolutely Gary, i was only commenting on what i interpreted as the question. :slight_smile:
That said, i recently experimented with installing an internal Samsung 4Tb SSD in my ROCK (NUC8i3). I couldn’t identify any improvement audiowise over the previous Seagate FireCuda 2Tb Hybrid drive. Neither was the differences noteworthy when compared to the music files on an external WD 4Tb 2.5". Best audio to my ears were accomplished when playing from NAS storage.
Finally i decided to relocate the ROCK with the 4Tb internal SSD to the other end of a WLAN bridge (~galvanic isolation+likely a cleaner power supply) and achieved equal or better audio than in either of the previous situations.
I cannot hear a difference though, when compared to my regular Roon Server, which is a QNAP Native install on a small SSD with the music files on three 6Tb WD Red. This is a QNAP TS-470 Pro with 16Gb RAM and an i5 3470T processor. Which happens to be located in the same part of my network, on the other side of the WLAN bridge… :wink:

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In this scenario the sound quality will be the same because your endpoints are accessing the core which in turn is sending the output for rendering.

Having your files locally will make for a better user experience because it will be much snappier accessing these local files. The NAS is still important in that your library and database file should be backed up to it. Always have a backup!