Roon sounds like a machine gun after update [Fixed in Build 234]

Same issue. Machine Gun regardless of source, all file formats, local content, Tidal content. Have to force my Amp power off to eliminate

Same machine gun sound for me as well. I am running Focusrite Forte. Everything was fine for all High quality formats before upgrade. Now after upgrade I cannot play formats higer that 44.1 16b. Regardless of storing content on NAS or Tidal Masters. Can I easily get back the previous version of roon?


Hi @Eric,

First, every type of media (MP3/AAC/FLAC), bought today or twenty years ago has that same loud noise. It sounds like that ‘machine gun’ or ‘a helicopter’; some kind of digital stutter. Stutter remains 5 seconds after killing the song.
I don’t use Tidal. Three hours ago everything sounded fine. Until that update :wink:

Signal path: Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 (DAC) into Yamaha HS5 near field monitors. iTunes and Logic Pro X do sound normal

as usual.

Unfortunately same issue here and same description of the sound ‘machine gun’; some kind of digital stutter. All my collection is FLAC of various kHz and bit range

Hi @Aernout_Bok ----- Thank you for touching base with me and providing the requested feedback.

Moving forward I would like to grab some logs from you (see below) and also ask you to please provide another screenshot of the “device setup” window, but this time displaying the settings under the “playback” tab as well.

Please send us your logs following the instructions here for standard Roon installs and if you are running ROCK please use the directions found here.


Will do as soon as I can Eric.

As a side note, after a few tests, this issue is present when outputting to my Yamaha AMP via HDMI from a Mac Mini. If I select my MacBook pro as the output zone, everything plays fine…the mystery deepens :wink:

Hi @Eric

Please find the playback tab attached. Is there an other way to send you the zipped logs folder without using Dropbox?


Do you get same issue when Exclusive mode is on ?

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Yes, exclusive mode is on for my setup

@Carl exclusive mode on and off. Same result…

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All — Please be advised, if you are experiencing this behavior during playback, we would like to have you please provide the following information:

  1. A brief but accurate description of your current setup as seen here.

  2. Screenshots of:

  • The device settings you are using in Roon when you notice this behavior. This information can be located under “device setup” (all three tabs- “general”, “playback”, and “zone grouping”).

  • The signal path coming out of Roon when you notice this behavior.

  1. Please send us your logs following the instructions here for standard Roon installs and if you are running ROCK please use the directions found here.

VERY IMPORTANT @Sean_Bovaird, mentioned in his post that when he bypassed using his DAC as the output device and set his MacBook Pro as the output zone the issue was NOT present. Please confirm if you make the same observation.

Other things to consider while troubleshooting:

  1. Has all of your equipment been power cycled, is this behavior reproducible afterwards?

  2. Do you notice this behavior when using another DAC?

@Sean_Bovaird @Per_Braarud @DvNT @Samuel_NG

I can confirm that at least on my setup, when playing through my MacBook Pro, which is on my network, there are no issues, everything plays fine

When I play direct from the Core via HDMI to my Yamaha (DAC), that’s when the rapid fire begins

All equipment has been power cycled, I even updated to the latest OSX Sierra patch for fun - no resolution. All settings from Mac to DAC and all Roon settings seem in order.

Full specs of my setup in next post

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My setup:

Roon Core and all all devices running Roon 1.3 (Build 233) stable 64 bit

Roon Core: Mac Mini late 2014, OSX Sierra 10.12.5, 2.6Ghz Core i5, 16GB. Music is stored on a direct connected Samsung T1 1TB Flash drive.

Core is connected to a Yamaha RX-A3030 via HDMI

Have you got something connected to the System Output on your Core? If not, I would suggest disabling this output, and just leave the HDMI output enabled. Also, what are the settings on the HDMI output for your Yamaha?

Indeed, only just turned it on now for testing this issue.

HDMI Output settings:

What happens if you play around with the Playback settings? E.g. as I did for my Denon:

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Forgot 2nd half of settings. PCM settings are disabled, really shouldn’t need to muck with this. Has worked fine for 1.5 years…Don’t have any DSD…

@Eric can you provide me with a transfer mechanism for zip file, will not provide public link to my logs

Cheers !

Yeah - you really shouldn’t have to muck with them, but: indulge me… Give it a whirl. The worst that can happen is that they have no effect…

will do shortly, wife and child currently monopolising my listening room :rage: