Roon Speakers for AppleTV

Now that the AppleTV store is official, would love to see RoonSpeakers for it. Will be interesting if hi-res output would be possible,

Just a warning - the current (3rd Gen) Apple TV has a limitation on sampling rate which causes all audio to be re-sampled to 48KHz (even it the original source was 44.1kHz (i.e. Red Book / CD standard)). Looking at the hardware spec for the new Apple TV it’s no obvious if this will be the same or not (& there is no Optical out any more).

Having said that I would love to see an Apple TV screen saver app - which just displayed the same as Ctrl-S on Roon.

I could use this to show what’s playing on my main system.


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Curious on this potential feature as well. Any plans on a tvOS app?

After getting an AppleTV 4 and using the Siri voice search, I would pay $10 for tvOS App for my AppleTV 4- even if it meant a slight sonic compromise to my other systems.

I’m not familiar with tvOS and haven’t seen any references to it as an intended target for RoonSpeakers. If it requires Apple to assist or co-operate with Roon then my working assumption is that it would be unlikely.

@andybob, Here are some informative links.

I as an onlooker I have not seen any official or unofficial commentary about Roon supporting an AppleTV tvOS App.

Actually, I have heard of Roon doing a tvOS app, a RoonSpeakers type of app with some kind of display.

The question is whether or not the AppleTV can output hi-res PCM via the HDMI port. VLC now has an tvOS app that plays hi-res files from my NAS, but I am not sure what resolution. Another company, FIreCore has mad a version of InFuse for tvOS that can passthrough DTS via HDMI and has said that hi res PCM is a possible future feature for them. This makes me think it is possible to passthrough hi res PCM. Would be interesting to know.

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Interesting comments.

Right now, my AppleTV 4, when using Apple Music, appears to send a 16bit/48KHz signal to my Yamaha AV Receiver. Found under the menu>signal information.

I have the VLC app installed on the AppleTV 4 and I am definitely going to attempt to send everything from a DSD and 24bit / 96 KHz+ file to my Apple TV 4 to be decoded by the Yamaha’s DAC. I doubt DSD will work, I don’t think there is a set standard to send DSD over HDMI. I suppose if I had a Yamaha SACD/Blu-Ray player I’d get DSD from HDMI? Yes, the 2008 era receiver supports DSD. I’ll report back after some fun will VLC. Thanks!

At any rate, this could get awesome or I be one giant fart noise. I am hopeful.

Would love to know what your Yamaha displays coming from VLC version of tvOS. My integrated amp doesn’t have a display.

Using Plex App and playing Pearl Jam’s “Ten” (24/88), “Vs” (24/96), and “Vitalogy” (24/96);then Failure’s “The Heart is a Monster” (24/96)- the read out in the setup>signal menu read 48KHz. :frowning:

Couple of things, the Plex App may not support it and I haven’t verified this signal indicator with another HDMI source that sends 24bit+ audio.

I need to read the manual/help guide for VLC app because it was not clear to me what I must do to access my library. I kept on getting empty directories. More to follow.

Fingers are cross and I truly believe that there will be 24bit music on the AppleTV 4.

Plex doesn’t support hi-res audio. VLC claims to. You should be able to login to your SMB volume via VLC or see the files via UPNP. Both work for me.

resampled vs converting?

I would love an Apple TV app (not a remote but a playback app with cover art, etc).