Roon spins endlessly when importing content (QNAP)

Dear guys,

i would like to ask if there is any solution? i experience same issue at the moment.
A few days ago, i have made a completely new database, i felt everything was slowing down and didnt work properly anymore, so i backed up my database and made a complete new one.

Im running my core on a QNAP NAS 473, Database is on an internal SSD Drive

After 3 days of scanning and importing roon stuck with cirlce constantly spinning and this numer of tracks:

This how it looks when in “Settings”:

Any tips or hints?

Noris wasn’t able to help me so I can’t offer any advice.

How much memory is in the nas?

I have done a screenshot from my ressource monitor, but i think RAM should be OK…

Arbeitsspeicher = RAM

It could be that It is stuck on a file. Support might be able to tell by looking at the logs.

Yes, thanks.

i have cleaned up all “Skipped Files” as well as all “Corrupt” Files… Still, the circle keeps spinning. I will Contact Support.

Or is Support watching this anyway?

I was setting up a new Roon backup on a Western Digital My Mac Passport, 2TB drive. After setting back up times and a force backup to update now, the drive began copying “something”, along with a small arcing circle spinning in upper right corner of the screen.
When I went back to check my content there were hundreds of copies of something, albums that I MAY have listened to but certainly didn’t mark as favorites.

I tried a force quit of Roon, but opening up again found it to be doing the same thing. I finally unplugged the external drive and everything returned to normal, even my content in my library.

I won’t try this again with the WD drive. Some direction and acknowledgment from ROON support would be helpful.

If you could post a screen shot of the files that would be helpful. Roon’s backup doesn’t copy over music, it copies over the database. Unlike a sql database you might be used to, a Roon database backup is made up of thousands of directories, sub-directories and small files.

When you set the backup, you should have pointed it to a section of the drive which is NOT watched by Roon for music.

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@support: could someone help me with extacting log file and may have a look on it. Spinning circle is still there since a week.

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Hey @Rantanplanary,

I’m so sorry that we missed on your post for this long. To make sure we can focus on your case and your case alone, I’ve created a new thread.

Would you please grab a set of logs, zip up the entire folder and upload it in our drive?

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Hello @beka

Thanks for your feedback… i will do so tomorrow if ok. Looking forward to undertsand, whats going on…

Hello rebeka. The drive allows only files smaller then 100MB. My Log File has 132MB. Please advice…

Would you please zip up the folder? :nerd_face:

Hello Rebeka,

:slight_smile: its zipped for sure already. i can zip the zip file but dont think that make things better :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarifying, and sorry about that!

Can you please upload the logs to Dropbox, Google Drive or a similar service instead? Please be sure to turn on “sharing by link”, instructions on how to do so for Dropbox can be found here and for Google Drive can be found here.

All clear, will do so, pm will follow once uploaded.

Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

PM sent… please let me know if this works…

Thanks @Rantanplanary,

We got the logs. They are with our technical team — we’ll follow up as soon as we hear back :nerd_face:

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Hi @Rantanplanary ,

Thanks for sending those logs over! It looks like Roon is getting stuck on a file that contains special characters in the file name, but it is not clear what file is causing this issue exactly. Can you please reboot your Roon Core, let it run until you get this issue, and then send us a new set of logs? Hopefully, after the reboot, the logging is more clear. Let us know, thanks!