Roon spliting up albums

Some of the albums I’ve imported to my Nucleus+ have been spit up.
For instance one of the albums is split up in Roon as 2 albums with 7 tracks in one album and 5 in the other with the same artwork. All the details are the same, does anyone know how I can how can I merge them together?

Highlight both halves then choose edit then merge

For future use the user guides and knowledge base are quite good at the basics they are worth a read as roon can be a bit quirky in how to get things done. To say the least!

Thanks Mike

Thanks Ged,

I couldn’t quite work it out until I looked at the guide, I’ve quite a few I need to repair.

When I’m bored and have a few minutes to spare I do a bit of browsing of the albums screen and let my peripheral vision do pattern matching of split albums…
You may drive yourself mad trying to do it all at once.

You’re right there, it’s nearly 2AM here and I need to sleep.

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Albums >Focus > Inspector > Contiguous tracks, and negate it might help too.