Roon splits my albums often, I can't fix it please help

I’ve deleted my whole collection from roon and added it back to try and fix the problem and nothing seems to work. Example I have DSOTM and it shows two albums, on one album I have track 2 and the other album has the rest of the tracks. BUT I can’t merge them, it never shows track 2, and it did before. Then many albums are now just missing tons of songs, and I have no idea how to fix this.

It took me a while to figure this one out, too.

First, if you are using your own tagging, make sure it is consistent for all the songs on the album. Otherwise it may get split.

If the tagging seems okay, you can use the “merge” function: Go into album view and get the albums in question up on the screen. Click/mark both of them and then click the “merge” option. This will tell Roon to group them as one album.

This KB Article about multi disc albums may have some helpful guidance about what Roon looks at when deciding the number of discs and how to merge if it gets it wrong.

To select albums, right click on a desktop or long press on a tablet.

Can you describe how the files are stored? What type of folder structures?

Also, can you open the dsotm album in a tag editor like mp3tag and paste a screen grab of what you see.

These will help us find what it is about your music files that is causing this.

Roon will not split albums randomly. It will do so because it is finding something in the files, like inconsistent album name, that looks like 2 albums not 1.

Did you clean up the library after deleting everything from Roon?

If not I suggest you start the process again as I have found that Roon stores a lot of information for deleted files just in case it is a disc that has become undiscoverable and if you delete but don’t clear up the library this data will get reinstated.

A clean reinstall may be the best way to go.


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Thanks John, I ended up cleaning it all up, and going with watched folders vs organized folders helped a lot. Everything is stored on a NAS, but it has an assigned IP, and the mac is only used to run Roon to my DAC.

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Hi @Ryan_Miller — Just wanted to check in with you after your most recent post and see if the problem is still continuing, and if so I’d be glad to help you narrow down what could be the cause. Let me know, thanks!

Thanks Eric I think I have it figured out for now. I have a MBP running roon core, but all the music is stored on a 4TB NAS. I think often when I’m transferring music from my other laptops to the NAS iit starts to add the album, then it does not add the rest. I’ve found that disabling the drive in Roon then reenabling it seems to fix the problem. I will say it would be nice to have an option to manually add songs to an album.

Thanks for reaching out, I really appreciate it.

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