Roon splitting DSD Albums

I just started ripping my SACD library yesterday, and have run into a strange occurrence. I use iTunes to organize all my PCM music and have Roon watch that folder. Since this will not work with DSD I have been putting them into the Roon folder, which Roon manages. I add the albums to the folder and all seems great. I like the way things are being put into folders, but something strange is happening. After quitting Roon and then relaunching, the DSD albums are split into two albums with seemingly random assigned tracks on each one. This seems to be fixed by simply using the merge tool, but I would like to know what is going on, and if there is any way to avoid it. Also how hard is it to move the Roon folder. I would like to move it to a external HD to save space on my Macmini’s internal drive.

How are you tagging the files before adding them to Roon? Do they have proper album and album artist tags? Are they numbered sequentially?

I am not tagging them at all. DSF files that show up as what they should be in the folders. The tags are already there. so yes proper tags. What is odd is that when they are added to the Roon folder everything looks perfect. Artist, Album, Art work and all tracks are just right. The albums play fine. If I never shut down Roon everything would be perfect. If you close Roon when you restart it the albums are usually two different albums and album art is sometimes gone. If you highlight the two albums edit and merge then the prompt says the tracks are wrong do you want to create the album anyway? I click on yes and everything is good again. Once the albums are merged they seem to stay that way for good. And again I have not manually tagged any files. This is not happening on every album but probably 80% of them.

Thanks for the report @Robert_Miller – we tried to reproduce without a lot of success, but maybe there’s something unique about your files I’m missing.

Would it be possible to take one of the albums that’s become split on it’s own, zip it up, and upload it to Dropbox, or similar? If you can PM me a link we can do a little more testing, and if you don’t have a way to upload an album for us, just let me know. I can send you some instructions for uploading the files to our server.