Roon splitting up track titles and tracks become parts

This is getting too weird. And annoying.

Track titles are sometimes split up. Retagging them, re-identifying, or editing them (within Roon) doesn’t help. For example, from the Complete Columbia Recordings 1955-1961 by Miles Davis & John Coltrane, Straigth, No Chaser becomes:

Or three tracks of the same boxset are scrambled, do appear as three separate tracks, but simultaneously as parts (?) of a track with split up titles… Look at Ah Leu Cha:

Or Sweet Sue (Just You):

This one is similar, John Zorn Masada Guitars, all tracks seen ‘as one’ with seperate parts, plays only as one looong track… Same story, editing etc. didn’t solve it:

What’s going on? What can I do about it?



I have the same issue with some albums.

See my thread:

Tried also several possible solutions. Nothing worked. Anyone knows what to do?

Thanks, didn’t see that. No solution yet, apparently.:sweat:

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@support can this be fixed?

Hey everyone. Just to say that we recognize this problem and will try and sort it out. It’s being tracked internally.


Thanks Joel!

@joel Just to inform you: the latest builds didn’t change anything in this department. Should it have?

@joel Any progress with this issue?

@Bluebeat Hi Marc. We’re still figuring out the best course of action here, but we have made some progress.

Should build 216 have made a difference? It didn’t for the albums I mentioned in this thread.

No, not yet.

@Bluebeat Hi Marc, I’m testing a fix at the moment which I hope will be good to go soon. The main problem is that this kind of change can have unintended consequences, so I need to do enough due diligence to make sure that it’s okay; it’s a bit like battling a hydra: solve one problem and another one rears it’s head!

Please note though that this will not fix the “Masada Guitars” track grouping, which is displaying precisely as our metadata provider intended, i.e. as a multi-part work. For this, you can use the new editing functionality that was added in the latest Roon 1.3 release. I’ve added some instructions to Michel Timmerman’s thread here.

@Bluebeat Hi Marc,

This fix is now completed and has been rolled out to the Roon Metadata Service. If your metadata are coming solely from the metadata service (which I think is the case for the Complete Columbia Recordings 1955-1961), then the fixed metadata will make their into your library within a week.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi @Joel,

Haven’t been around for a while, but thanks for fixing this.

I don’t agree with the metadata provider, looking at the booklet that comes with cd and the site of Tzadik (record label) Masada Guitars isn’t intended as a multi-part work. It’s an interpretation of the metadata provider as far as I’m concerned.

Thanks for the workaround, though. However I think this should be simpler to fix: if Roon just uses on every level the metadata provided with the files, it should be ok. I guess that’s not how Roon is intended to work, being the intricate metadata machine it is…



Marc, down the line, there may be options (e.g. user voting) to change this kind of thing, but equally, an option to view a particular composition in “flat” form is also a possibility. Please note though that neither of these are “imminent”.

Hi @joel,
Interesting. Indeed, Roon is ever evolving. I like that. I wonder what Roon will be in a few years…

Hi @Joel,

Here’s another one that needs a fix, John Coltrane’s Coltrane Plays The Blues. Three tracktitles are split up, do appear as three separate tracks, but simultaneously as parts (?) of a track… Look at Mr. Day, Mr. Syms and Mr. Knight.