Roon spontaneously pops out of pause

i hit pause in Roon, left the 818+8000s on; after about half an hour they started playing. Happened twice.

Any chance someone touched a transport control on a Meridian remote or bumped the front panel play button on the 818?

@vova, we could look at logs from the approximate time when that happened to determine if the Meridian hardware sent us a play command. That’s the only thing that really makes Meridian “different” from everything else.

Hello @AndersVinberg please check your PM. I’ve sent you instructions how to grab logs.

@brian Doubt it. Just my wife and I in the house, one time we were having dinner, the other time we had gone to bed. Roon remotes are turned off when not used, iPad sleeping to save battery. Possible a cat stepped on the Meridian physical remote, but never happened before with the MS600, only with the 818 that arrived Friday.

I had weird issues with Sooloos a few months back when the system would come back out of std by and start playing. Each time it was a Tidal track that started playing. Not funny at 03.00!!!

@AndersVinberg, is the track local or Tidal that restarts?

Just a wild thought in case it is related.

Hm, ok. Lets see how it is with the newer firmware.

@ncpl No idea, I ran to shut it off, didn’t listen :smile:

I had this with the latest Sooloos fw, seemed to be related to whether I paused playback and turned the endpoint (ID41 in 861v8) off via the iPad or just turned the 861 off via the front panel. Turning off via the front panel caused it to start up again at an indeterminate time later, had the same on an MS600 via an AC200 in the bedroom, scared the crap out of me (nearly) at 3:00am when it burst back into life, again shutting off by pressing the AC200 power button caused the issue, using the iPad power off seems to work.
As an aside I have also had the power off button on the iPad app not work for turning on or off then later it does, note no alcohol consumption had taken place.