Roon SSD NAS Conversion

Roon SSD Conversion

I am currently running Roon on a Qnap TS-251+ - a 2 bay NAS. Since I have been having intermittent interruptions with playback - especially since the introduction of Valence, I would like to move my Roon setup to an SSD drive. However, I’m not sure how to do this with a two bay NAS, since both drive slots are filled with my RAID 1 configuration.

Questions …

  1. How do I physically add an SSD drive to my current configuration?

  2. How do I move my current Roon setup to the SSD drive in a way which will not destroy my current Roon configuration (playlist, metadata, etc)?

  3. Would it improve performance even more it I purchased an SSD drive with enough space for Roon and my music files?

  4. How much would it improve Roon’s performance if I increase the NAS’s RAM from its current 2 gigs to 4 gigs?

I realize that a 2 bay, Qnap TS-251+ NAS drive may not be ideal, but I’m not in a position to upgrade this as well.

Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

Hi @Bill_J,

How large is your Roon collection, what is the amount of tracks/albums? You’re trying to run Roon on a Core which does not meet our Minimum Requirements, so slowness or playback issues are not unexpected if you also have a large library.

A few screenshot of how you have your current RoonServer settings configured might help here. Also tagging @crieke in case he wants to weigh in.

You can do this by using a Roon Backup + Restore:

Yes, having an SSD for the Roon OS helps a lot, but the entire setup properly spec’d helps more. CPU power is needed for DSP and since Roon is on a NAS currently, the NAS is also using up resources for it’s system processes.

4GB RAM is suggested, you can check in the QNAP system monitor to see how much Roon is using with your current library size.

I would highly suggest you take a look into a ROCK: Roon Optimized Core Kit setup, there are a few options listed which make for affordable servers and should last as your server a long time

Plus it’s a dedicated device so it doesn’t have to worry about it doing anything else except keeping the music playing :slight_smile: