Roon/ST/Mircorendu Disconnections

Constant disconnections. Have to Reboot ST constantly. The disconnections I believe mostly are on startup occasionally during play it’ll disconnect. Not optimistic Ill get to the bottom of this. Any miracle suggestions?

Running ROON version 1.2; Build 161; stable 64 bit
OSX 10.12 (but my computer is out of the chain); Ipad mini 4 w/ ROON app
Music is on a Synology NAS; WD Green or Red? Hard Drive
ROON Server on Sonictransporter (not i5) --> Microrendu USB --> Devialet --> Raidho D1
Version 2.3 for both SMG/Microrendu
Nothing else in the chain.
13560 Tracks
Mostly all FLAC; some DSD
Verizon Gigabit router; Wired to MicroRendu
HiFi Tidal USA

I believe version 1.2 build 168 is current. You could try updating.

There are known issues with microrendu and Devialet - but this would just be at Devialet startup and when changing input. There shouldn’t be any disconnections during playback.

What firmware is your Devialet on? Mine worked much better on the more recent firmware. I have no choice but firmware 10+ now and can’t remember the last time I had to restart the rendu, a couple months back. Is your rendu updated too?

Might be red herrings as maybe it’s somewhere else in your chain but the issues above were documented here and elsewhere.

Are you wired Ethernet between ST and microrendu.

No idea what SGC and SMG are sorry.

Also, just remembered I had issues with the microrendu dropping off the network because it’s IP wasn’t renewing properly even though it was set as static in my DHCP setup. It was the only thing I’ve ever seen on my network to do this, and it went away after a couple months. It was really annoying as sonore refuse to allow you to use a fixed IP in its web GUI, which would completely remove any reliance on a DHCP server, and is a much better setup for such a device. Might be worth looking at this too - if the ST is the same then that could be a real issue. I find things like that really annoying in a closed system.