Roon Stability after Roon Build 153 upgrade

My Roon ROCK was working like a champ with Roon 1.4

Yesterday, I upgraded by ROCK to OS Version Build 153. Hit 2 snags already

  1. After the Roon OS upgrade to 153
  • My Meridian MS600 was no longer visible

  • I re-started the Roon Server software, and it fixed itself

  1. Today, playback stopped working
  • Everything was working great initially today
  • Playback from my MS600 was fine
  • Playback from my dCS Network Bridge was fine
  • about 10 albums into the fun, playback stopped


  • the track would start to play (in the UI), you could see it time progressing but there was no sound
  • I switched to 2-3 other albums same result
  • After 2-3 albums, playback would start and jump immediately to the next track. Still NO SOUND

At 6:41pm PST, I restarted the Roon Server

  • Everything started working again.

Roon Support do you want to grab my logs?


Adding @support so they get notified.

Hi @Mohammed_Samji,

Just a quick question here. Are you using multiple network interfaces on your ROCK (main network / internet on one side and audio devices on the other)? I know that this is becoming a popular configuration, but I can see where it might lead to the issues that you’re encountering.

Is the MS600 fw up to date? To update it download the Sooloos Configuration Tool on a windows pc, run it and it should force an update if required.

Yes. It was updated about a month ago.

I have just one network interface connected to my switch. Everything is on the same network.

The network backbone is also commercial grade switches from ubiquiti.

Everything is wired.

Prior to the ROCK 153 upgrade, all my end points had been rock solid for the last few weeks. Just hit the two hiccups above after the upgrading to Rock OS build 153.

Anyone in Support that wants to take a look>

I’m seeing stability really suck after the recent Roon Server / Roon Rock updates

Yesterday, I had to reboot my Roon Server and NBR to get my NBR working.

Today, I came home, NBR and Sonos zones were fine, but the MS600 was missing. Re-started Roon Server and the MS 600 came back.

I went WEEKS with Roon being stable. The only change recently are the Roon Server + Roon OS updates.

Anyone interested in looking at logs?

155 has been released, no release notes yet, but worth a try…stable for me but so was 153.

Dell 790 mini-pc from 2013 > Ethernet > Oppo 205/Apple TV3/various iDevices. No problems seeing any of them with 150, 153 or 155.

Hope it helps, bummer when the core is unstable.

Yup, I’m on Rock 155, and Roon Server 298

Some combo of Rock 153 and the new Roon Core updates seem to be causing stability issues with both MS600 and NBR

The two issues are:

  • The MS600 disappearing or not being found after Roon Server updates

  • My MS600 is hardwired and has the latest firmware

  • The NBR runs into problems with playback. Either it gets stuck at time 0 is not shown

  • The NBR has the latest firmware, and is hardwired.