Roon stand-alone (unsynchronised) endpoint

I understand that one of the valuable features of Roon is the ability to synchronise multiple endpoints to get music across the whole house (for instance) and that means that Roon is very demanding on network quality hence quite intolerant of even brief dropouts. I actually have what I believe is quite a good WiFi mesh system and my backend to Qobuz is FTTP 500Mbps but even so I find that listening to headphones can be problematic where track skips, sometimes skipping 5 or more tracks in a row before settling down, is not uncommon. I get skips on both locally stored and Qobuz streamed music.

I have no idea if this is possible within the Roon/RAAT architecture but a feature I would really love to have is the ability to nominate certain endpoints as stand-alone i.e. to tell Roon that I will never want to group them with anything else so that Roon could perhaps do more local buffering (if RAAT allows that negotiation with the endpoint), be willing to retry/retransmit on any glitch in order to try and keep playing the current track instead of skipping the current or sometimes many upcoming tracks, and perhaps other recovery procedures in the event of a network glitch that simply would not be appropriate for an endpoint that needs to maintain sync with whatever else it is grouped with.

This feature would significantly enhance my Roon experience if I could set my Chord Electronics 2-Go/Hugo2 and my iPhone (paired to Airpods Max when I want noise cancelling headphones on my balcony) as stand-alone endpoints.