Roon starts/quits on M1 Macbook Air (using as remote)

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Since the latest update to Roon, I now have (almost) all of my remote devices (iPhone, old MacBook and 2 iPads) successfully operating as remotes.

The exception is my MacBook M1.

When I start Roon, it appears to start correctly, then immediately quits. I have deleted the app and re-downloaded multiple times but still have the same issue. I am out of ideas.

The Mac is running Monterey 12.5.1.

What version of Roon are you running on everything?

The latest on my Roon Core and my Macs and my iPads and my iPhone. Prior to responding, I went to the Roon website and deleted (yet again) the previous install on my M1 Mac and downloaded the newest one - with identical results - it starts then immediately quits. REALLY FRUSTRATING !!

It may be necessary to delete the Roon folder from the Library directory on the Mac.

In Finder hold down the option key then click on the Go menu and select Library – it’s hidden in the menu if the option key isn’t invoked.

Locate the Roon folder there and delete it. Then relaunch the Roon app.

Thank you so much. That fixed it. (I would have never figured that out on my own!!)

Happy it solved your issue.

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