Roon starts to launch then shuts down

New to Roon, installed Latest Roon version(s) as of Dec 2019

Installed Roon Core on Windows 10 64bit LapTop, works fine
Installed Roon on Android for Control, works fine
Installed Roon on Windows 7 32Bit LapTop for Control and when I click Icon it begins to Launch and then just shuts down, Checked Firewall and it is “Allowed”

Did you install the 32 bit version?

Yes, and I uninstalled and reinstalled as well

I would try with the firewall off completely to rule that out, but perhaps you can detail the system it’s running on in more detail. You might be asked to provide logs to support when they get to this thread.

Hi @Scott_Leonard,

Can you provide some details on the specs of this Windows 7 machine?

What GPU does it use? Do you receive any error messages?

Hi Dylan,

No error messages. When you click on the Roon Icon it starts to open, then after a couple seconds just shuts down. Here is the machine info:
HP Elite Book 8530P
Windows 7 Service Pack1
Processor: Intel Core ™2 DUO CPU T9400 @ 2.53 GHz
4 GB RAM, 32 Bit OS

Hi @Scott_Leonard,

Can you try updating your graphics driver directly from the manufacturer’s site (don’t rely on Windows driver updates for this) — Does that help?

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