Roon starts up and shuts down

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11 operating system
NUC i7, CPU I &, 32 RAM)
Very latest Roon
iPad (brand new)


Synology Router, ethernet no wifi

Connected Audio Devices

Ethernet, Tidal, Qobuz

Number of Tracks

Description Of Issue

Was working perfectly on the PC and the iPad & iPhone.
At Roon Startup, Starts up and Shuts Right Down. Who has time for this?

Have you given it permissions in the Firewall. Windows might be seeing it as trying to communicate to the outside world. You have to let Roon RAAT and Roon Server through the firewall.

Hey @RS9_Ayon_Audio_harri,

I wanted to check in on this thread to see if you were still running into issues with your remotes crashing on startup?

Please make sure you have the latest build updated across your remote devices and core. :pray: