Roon startup deadlock and usability issue (ref#43UJQ2)

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My Roon instance sometimes gets itself into a deadlock on startup. The issue seems to be co-morbid with when many files are modified at once and one of the recently-modified albums tries to load on screen. Note that I have a custom metadata tagging software.

More importantly perhaps, from a usability perspective, I have noticed that sometimes I can “get myself out of” the startup deadlock by navigating out of the last opened page.

This really tells me one thing: the application needs to await a “consistent state” after a crash happens. From a usability perspective, yes, you need to fix the underlying issue, but I also don’t want my instance to be “jailed” in an endless loop of deadlocks.

For example, you may want to use a startup pop-up that says "We noticed that Roon crashed the last time it was shut down. Would you like to: (1) continue booting, or (2) scan your library before continuing?

This would give Roon a chance to at least get to a consistent state before loading the album. It’s a real shame that Roon encounters these deadlocks. And I really hope that you can improve your software to retry and handle errors better so that I would stay a customer.

Please don’t reply with an automated message. I am a software developer and work with databases in my day job. I can take a call if you would like to chat more.

Thank you,

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NAS storage backend. Custom tagging software. Windows running in VM. Regular AMD desktop hardware

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Direct ethernet

I am going to migrate to a Linux installation. Hoping that it would be more reliable.

Wow, I had not realized how much more stable Roon is being run as a server

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