Roon Status = "Corrupt Build", "Not Responding" (Windows) [Solved]

Roon stopped working. Not sure what to do now…


Thank you for the report and apologies for the troubles. In order to accurate evaluate this issue, we need to gather a bit more data from you.

Could you kindly please expand on the details of your setup as seen here. The more specific you can be, the better.

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Hi @Jade_Rymkos ----- Appreciate the feedback, and apologies for the inconvenience. As @Carl has mentioned, the details of your setup would be great to have, as that information will aide in our evaluation of this issue you are experiencing.

Furthermore, I would also like to gather a set of logs from you so our developers can have a closer look into what may have caused this issue to occur. I will be contacting you via PM with instructions on how to manually gather logs.


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I am running Roon Ver 1.2 (build 165)
Using Windows 7, 64 bit.
Core running on a Dell PC
Music stored on a Synology NAS
Approximately 27K tracks.
Use RoonBridge to listen at another PC on Network. Also have a SqeezeBox on the Network.
All devices are connected to a Network Hub.

The last thing I did was add tracks to a playlist. The next time I started up Roon software I could not connect to the Core. Roon status indicated Corrupt Build.

“Corrupt build” in the system tray? Am I correct in assuming you are running Roon Server, and not Roon?

That usually means that Roon Server didn’t update properly… Can you try reinstalling (over the current install is fine) Roon Server from our downloads page (

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You are correct. I reinstalled and everything is back up and running.

Thank You!!

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