Roon stealing disk space

I notice that I’m losing disk space, I recently had about 12% free on my Mac, and lately, it’s been disappearing. I’m now down to 8% even after deleting large files and unused apps.

I looked at the activity monitor and found that Roon had written nearly 17GB.

I have 42GB left and I’m wondering when Roon will stop this.



Is that your Core? What is your Roon database backup configuration? Could your database backups be going to the same Mac drive?

Hi Fernando,

This is a screenshot of my scheduled backups, there was also backup on a networked external drive disk, but that’s not showing up now.

How large is your library, 17GB database doesn’t strike me as extraordinary.

Hello @Paul_Elliott,

What is the size of your ~/Library/Roon directory? This is the only directory Roon will save large amounts of non-temporary files to by default.


My library is over 6TB

It’s 47GB, I recently backed up my music files from my Nucleus to an external hard drive attached to my macbook

Hello @Paul_Elliott,

If you are using the Nucleus as your Roon Core, I would not expect that your ~/Library/Roon directory would be that large since the Roon Library is being stored and maintained on your Nucleus. In this setup, on your Mac should pull all of its data from the Nucleus, storing at most a few GB of data for cache purposes.

Did you use the Mac as your Roon Core at one point?


Yes I recently set up the Mac as a core for when i’m traveling instead of having to take the Nucleus

I’d suggest restricting the Mac Core to the music you travel with, rather than indexing your whole collection.