ROON still at a snail pace

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There isn’t really any point in me describing all of the technical details requested above. As has been stated previously, repeatedly, for months by various users, ROON is still running at a snail’s pace.
Tidal is running fine as a stand alone, and ROON speed is fine for internet radio (when it doesn’t drop out) but whenever I try to access Tidal, or my library, through ROON it can take up to 2 mins to locate the album or track. Although the search time does vary a bit there is ALWAYS a significant delay.
Clearly there is nothing wrong with my internet connection/speed or my Core or other parts of the hardware set up.
If this issue can’t be sorted out then I will be cancelling my subscription. Shame as it’s otherwise a great front end.

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Hi @Ian_Galbraith,

First, I definitely recommend checking out this post by Mike:

As mentioned, we have some changes coming that will improve search performance.

While we are working on improvements, the delay when opening content definitely sounds like there is something more going on here. Having some details about your setup would definitely be helpful here.

If you reboot your Core machine do things speed up at all?

Roon search can be way slow when used repeatedly, but I don’t have that problem, and submit whatever is affecting you is in addition to the broader problem. It sounds like a network issue, albeit that could mean SMB settings between your core and your music storage, a firewall, etc.

Hard for anyone to help resolve the issue, which isn’t “normal” without knowing your set up.

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Something as simple as an incorrectly configured network setting or system specification can derail any application. Detailing your setup here will help us help you.

Lucky you I do and it’s not my network or core it’s Roons backend , support have been through this with me over and over and they have had my logs. I have same issue as the op search times are incredibly random and at times unbearable. They basically said they are working on it.

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But that’s just your particular case thIs hasn’t been investigated so no one knows what it might be. Tens of issues are solved every week on the forum. Not many are intractable back end issues, that I can see.

This isn’t one of those “Roon is perfect, it’s your problem” posts. What I was saying is that I see the slow search issue frequently, and when search is slow, the whole interface slows down and that includes playback and even opening a tag or doing a query in focus. So yeah, when I’ve searched a lot, Roon’s entire performance degrades quickly to what is described.

HOWEVER, if you have not searched in 24 hours, have rebooted your core 2 minutes ago, and you are still seeing that sluggishness, I am suggesting that is a different problem. Take it for what it’s worth.

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@Ian_Galbraith, given your description and my experiences with Roon on a way under spec celeron based system vs the i7 that I now run it on, then I suggest posting details of the hardware running Roon core will help here, along with approx. library size (appox number of albums/tracks etc - 00s, 000s, tens of 000s will probably do) and if using DSP features etc.

Even on my Celeron based QNAP NAS where I might expect trouble I didn’t suffer what you describe. Yes - searches involving online search of tidal/qobuz can often be slow, and it does seem that the speed of the core play some part in that, but a search on a common term that may not be searched frequently (by you, or other users) with a large local library on a slow platform can just trigger the worst of all. Conversely, searches for commonly searched terms are often very fast quick regardless of platform (unless massive local library combined wit way under spec core host).

The worst searches (in my experience) are often something that will return a huge number of hits that need to be trimmed and ranked, combined with this search not being a term that many people are using all the time. The next worst tend to be the just plain obscure, but search for something really popular (taylor swift for eg), then expect very quick response from the online bit.

Of course if you repeat the search within a few seconds, minutes (after completing the first time) then generally I find it will be quick (because by then the relevant data shard is probably in memory on the server).

If it isn’t, then it suggests to me the platform running core is struggling for some reason, so details of that will be useful I think.

Not helpful to others I know, but a friend came last night and messed about with settings etc, did a restart and there was an outstanding update for our NAS Drive. So far things seem to be running much faster. Fingers crossed that’s sorted it out but it all seems a bit of black magic!

It is no black magic, this is what gets Roon Core going again. I have the same issue, Roon gets slow in search and opening albums etc. Then I restart Core and all is fine until it gets slow again, then restart Core and so on and so on…
Restarting helps for a while - but it aint the solution.

A NAS is really not the place to run a Roon Core with any expectations of fast performance, unless you have a powerful NAS and are running the database on a SATA connected SSD at the very least, if that is indeed where your core is running.

As you have yet to provide any Core related specs we just clutching at straws trying to help you.

I too, have had Roon being very slow, but only when it’s Qobuz related. If I am using just my NAS, it is as fast as can be. If it is pulling from Qobuz, at times it is fast, other times in stuck mode. But, the slowness seems to somewhat parallel accessing anything on the internet. In periods where everyone and the family pet are streaming, or otherwise using the net, more problems occur. Early in the morning, or late at night, things are much faster. Maybe at times, the slowness is Roon’s fault, but from what I can see, it is caused by issues out of their control.

Some of it may be related to internet connections, but there may also be a connection with the larger database size Roon deals with when Qobuz is in play. Without an SSD and a slower CPU the extra processing requirements may be more evident.
I’m interested to know the relative sizes of your internal library vs. your Qobuz library?

There is a resource leak or issue somewhere local. Search exacerbates the problem but there seem clearly to be other root causes. I haven’t searched in 2-3 days. My core is still crawling. This corrects with a reboot until it is slow again.

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